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Do You Walk Every Day? Here Are 10 Common Walking Mistakes To Avoid

The correct walking technique can improve your health, fitness, and attitude. It can help you walk faster and more smoothly. The wrong technique can lead to wasted effort or even injuries.

Yes, yes, there is a right way to walk too - just like there's a right and wrong for everything. But worry not, we are here to you help you with common walking mistakes to avoid.

Common Walking Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some common walking mistakes to avoid [1][2][3]:

1. Ignoring warm-up

You should stretch your muscles before you begin walking as well as cool your body down afterwards. Even though walking is not an intense exercise, it is still advisable to stretch your muscles before you begin walking.

2. Choose the right footwear

Choose the right pair of shoes that support your feet well. You may even injure your feet if you wear tight and uncomfortable shoes while walking. Choose a shoe with a well-padded heel that is light, breathable, and water-resistant. Runners and walk-specific models may be suitable.

3. Choose comfortable clothes

You should wear loose, comfortable, and breathable clothing so you are able to move freely without getting wet from sweat or humidity. Clothing that is too tight and heavy could adversely affect your walking experience.

You can remove thin layers as you get warmer and add them back when it gets cold. Taking rain gear if the weather looks uncertain, as well as hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect you from the sun, is important.

4. Not paying attention to the strides

You should not attempt to lengthen your strides. Instead, walk normally, as any type of tweaking may result in an injury to your knees or toes, depending on which part of your body is being strained.

5. Keeping your arms stiff

When walking, experts recommend that you swing your arms rhythmically back and forth. Keeping your arms at your sides while walking, or swinging them without bending them, is a walking mistake. If you bend your arms and let them swing naturally forward and back as you walk, you can increase your speed and power.

6. Taking on too much

If you are overly enthusiastic, you may experience soreness. Listen to your body and gradually increase the intensity and duration rather than trying to walk for miles in one day.

7. Neglecting posture

A proper form of walking is necessary. For example, you must maintain a straight back instead of bending and you must raise your head instead of bending it. If you ignore these techniques, your workout may be ineffective.

8. Talking while walking

When walking, it is best to refrain from conversing with your friends. Walking quietly and mindfully will be more refreshing.

9. Don't be in a rut

There is evidence that walking on different terrains provides greater health benefits than walking only on a treadmill. Therefore, it is important to walk from time to time on different terrains.

10. Choosing the wrong drink

If you were to drink soda on your walk, you would likely have too much sugar and more calories than you desire. If you are only going for moderate walks, you probably do not need extra electrolytes. Water is the best beverage to drink while walking.

Hope these help you in your next walk!

Story first published: Saturday, December 3, 2022, 21:15 [IST]
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