Are People Who Use Drugs More Prone To STDs?

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Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the worst kinds of ailments that can affect humans. A recent research study has claimed that people who are into drug use are more likely to be affected by STDs. It it true? Well, let us find out!

Many of us would naturally like to unwind after a long work week, by partying and indulging in drinking some alcohol.

However, there are a few of us who like to take partying up a notch and get into using "hard drugs" such cocaine, heroine, ecstasy, etc., that are extremely potent and produce a number of reactions in the person using them.

These drugs have certain chemicals in them that aim at helping a person attain a psychological "high", in which, the person feels a complete sense of false happiness and glory. This feeling can be rather addictive.

In addition, using these drugs can momentarily make the person lose his/her inhibitions and decision-making skills, leading them to get into risky situations that can have negative consequences.

So, how does drug use increase the chances of developing sexually transmitted diseases?


1. Loss Of Inhibitions

Drugs temporarily induce a loss of proper cognition in the users, making them involve themselves in risky sexual behaviours without any concerns.


2. Increase In Libido

Drug use can allow a rush of blood to flow from the brain to the genitals, thus boosting the libido and making the user feel the urge to indulge in sexual activities without thinking of their safety.


3. Unprotected Sex

Many surveys and research studies have noted that, usually, people who are "high" on drugs or alcohol tend to indulge in unprotected sex, exposing themselves to STDs.


4. Multiple Partners

Due to the increased libido and loss of inhibitions induced by the drugs, people tend to have multiple sexual partners, which again increases the risk of STDs.


5. Needle Use

Needles that are used to inject drugs into the body can also spread STDs like HIV, when a person uses the needle priorly used by an infected person.


6. Decreased Immunity

Constant drug use reduces the strength of your immune system to fight against diseases-causing agents, so STDs can easily be developed.


7. Dehydration

Drug and alcohol use can cause severe dehydration and when women indulge in sexual intercourse while dehydrated, they may suffer from sexually transmitted infections, as their vagina does not produce enough mucus.


8. Forgetting To Wash Up

When people under the influence of drugs have sexual intercourse, they may forget to maintain hygiene and not wash themselves before and after sex, causing certain STIs.


9. Note :

If you feel that your drug use habit has gone out of control, it is important to seek professional help, immediately.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 9:30 [IST]
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