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1 Year Old Diagnosed With Rare Neurological Disorder – ‘Dancing Eye Syndrome’

Posted By: Staff

In what can be called as one of the rare medical cases, doctors from the Neurology Department at Guntur Government Hospital, Andhra Pradesh has detected a new syndrome called the Dancing Eye Syndrome.

1 year old Navya was rushed to the hospital by her parents on July 13 just before her first birthday which was on July 15, with complaints of having shaky eyes, limbs and trunk without any complaints. Presuming it to be seizures a CT scan and EEG was conducted and the reports were normal.

It was then Navya was taken to the Neurology Department at the hospital. When she was made to stand, she was unable to stand even with a support. Her limbs were shaky. On investigation Dr NV Sundarachary diagnosed it to be a rare syndrome called "Dancing eye" syndrome, also called as Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome or Kinsbouarne.

dancing eye syndrome

This disorder is caused due to the antibody attacking purkinje cells of cerebellum which is called hindbrain, that helps one to maintain the body balance. These antibodies are called Anti Ri antibodies which can be detected in the blood.

Dr Sundarachary said this syndrome was called kinsbourne disease is very rare with an incidence of 1 in 1 crore. CSF examination and MRI brain scan is important to detect if there are any other infections. However a number of drugs are available to treat this condition. Currently Navya is undergoing treatment at the hospital.

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