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Try This 4-Ingredient Remedy To Eliminate Joint Pain & Gout

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Here, we are introducing a natural remedy that will help in treating joint pain and gout.

One of the ingredients that it possesses is cucumber juice. Cucumber juice is highly alkalising and effective in removing uric acid crystallization in joints, for example gout.

You might experience a mild pain while drinking this juice, which is actually a sign of healing and also the toxins being eliminated.

natural remedy for joint pain

It also contains celery and ginger that help reduce inflammation during the cleansing process.

This recipe is all about helping you remove uric acid crystallization in the joints to get rid of gout.

natural remedy for joint pain

1 medium-sized cucumber
A bunch of celery
A slice of lemon
1-inch young ginger root

natural remedy for joint pain
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Clean the ingredients thoroughly before preparing. Cut the cucumber into smaller pieces. Get the juice of half a lemon and also use the ginger root.

Drink this juice once or twice in a day to speed up the healing process. Make sure to drink this remedy until you see the results.

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Story first published: Monday, October 2, 2017, 7:30 [IST]
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