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Why Listening To Music While Travelling Is Healthy

When you are traveling in a bus, train or a flight what is the healthiest thing to do? Well, listen to music. It works wonders.

Of course, when you put your headphones and start playing tunes on your mobile device, you can avoid talkative travelers and their meaningless discussions too!

But more than that, there are some real good health benefits of listening to soothing music during your journeys. Here are they.


Reason #1

Firstly, if you are suffering from motion sickness, music helps in diverting your mind. When your mind gets distracted in a pleasant way, your uneasiness can be minimised.


Reason #2

A study claims that music is one of the best non-medicinal but therapeutic measure to prevent the effects of motion sickness that occurs during travel. Yes, in many cases, music successfully prevented nausea!


Reason #3

Music gives a high. When you are traveling, your mood may not always be joyful. From the hygienic conditions in the bus or train to the crowd around you, anything can upset you. But music boosts your mind and simply hijacks you to another world for some time.


Reason #4

Suppose you are traveling back from work in a local train, you would generally be carrying stress on your shoulders thinking about office matters, targets, fights with colleagues and so on.

But music de-stresses you and makes you feel relaxed. Your problems seem to dissolve for a while.


Reason #5

Music can affect your hormones. Even cortisol is a hormone that is secreted due to stress. Music can work on that stress hormone and decrease its levels.


Reason #6

Another benefit of listening to music when you are traveling home is it minimises your sleep problems if you are suffering from insomnia. Listening to relaxing music during the evening can help you fall asleep sooner that night.


Reason #7

When you are travelling, you tend to be idle. An idle brain turns into a devil's workshop very fast. Music can prevent that. Music is a natural way to curb depression.


Reason #8

Relaxing music can release feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. When you get down at your destination, you tend to feel good without any reason if you listen to soothing music while travelling.

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