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Is It Safe To Reuse Bath Towels? No!

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Is it safe to reuse bath towels? How often should you wash your bath towels? Well, most of us seldom have the time to think of this matter. But it is important.

What's the problem with towels? Firstly, the texture of the towels tend to trap bacteria. Secondly, most of the towels are generally damp most of the time. This makes it a favourable environment for the bacteria to grow.

Is It Safe To Reuse Bath Towels? No!

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And if the bacteria spreads an infection to one member in the family, the rest of them may also fall ill. Here are some more facts.


What Studies Say?

A new study claims that 90% of the towels you use in your bathroom contain deadly bacteria. In fact coliform is bacteria that is generally found in fecal matter. This bacteria is found in household bathroom towels.


What Lab Tests Claim?

When a few bathroom towels were randomly sent to the lab, researchers found that 14% of them had E coli bacteria in them. We all know how E coli can cause infections.

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Do They Harm Us?

Most of the time, we can survive but when the immune system is weak or low that is when even the bacteria from your bathroom towels can harm you and cause infections.


Can You Share Towels?

A big NO! If you or your friend have cuts on the skin then the bacteria may enter the body if you share towels.


How To Be Safe?

Wash your towels regularly. That is the only way to minimise the amount of bacteria on your towels. Also, never keep your towels damp. Dry them in the sun.


How Often Should You Wash?

Wash them once in every two days. If you can wash them after a single use that would be great. Also, if the towel is completely dry when you use, the chances of getting infected due to the bacteria may reduce.

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When To Avoid Using Your Towel?

If your towel smells badly, never use it. The smell is a sign of bacterial growth. Also, try to avoid using towels which are kept for use in public washrooms or hotels.

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