This is How Your Personality Can Affect Your Health

how your personality can affect your health

The urban lifestyle and rising burden of pollution on our planet are often blamed for our health problems.

But did you know that sometimes your personality can actually affect your health in negative ways? And other times positively?

Read on to find out.


#1 You Are Shy…

If you are shy, the biggest problem you face is your paralyzing fear of communicating with strangers. In fact, you may even be wary of the more aggressive and outspoken members of your own family!

That's why the most common health problem faced by you is the problem of undetected health issues.

And we don't say that without proof.

According to a study done by the Northwestern University in Chicago, shy people avoid social interactions and therefore, are at a 40% increased risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke as compared to extroverts.

The study also found that shy people often fail to communicate their problems and symptoms to the medical team whenever they visit the hospital, which causes a lot of diseases to remain undetected.

What's the solution then?

Simple. Prepare a list of all your symptoms and problems before you visit the doctor. This way even if you forget to communicate something important, you will have a backup you can hand over to your doctor.


#2 You Worry Too Much…

Chronic worry-warts are health disasters waiting to happen.

Why? Because excessive worrying increases your stress level, which in turn leads to a cascade of conditions including eating disorders, metabolic syndrome, neuroses, and psychoses.

So if you are guilty of this, here's a simple trick for you: Next time you find yourself flooded with worries, shout out "STOP".

This simple command will short-circuit your mind and remind you either of two things.

One, you have no control over the situation and so should quit worrying.

Or two, you can change the situation and should focus on a solution instead of worrying, since the latter does not accomplish anything!


#3 You Are Optimistic…

Optimistic people always look for the silver lining in every storm cloud. And this predisposition positively affects their body in the following ways.

One, they reduce their risk of death by almost 50% as compared to their pessimistic counterparts (according to a 30-year long study conducted by the Mayo Clinic in the U.S.).

And two, optimistic people have better immunity. While the exact mechanism behind this is not known, the plausible reason might be the well-known link between our mind and body.


#4 You Are Argumentative…

If you keep fighting with your family, friends, or partner, then you need to find a way to stop doing this because according to a study by the University of Utah, those who fight more are at a higher risk of developing heart diseases compared to their calmer counterparts.

In fact, women who engage in ugly domestic battles develop hardened arteries, while men tend to develop atherosclerosis in their coronary vessels.

Plus, fights and arguments stress us out beyond our enduring capacity, which then shows up in our lifestyle choices.

So if you are guilty of being argumentative or frequently have fights with people (loved ones and others), here are some ways through which you can reduce the intensity and frequency of your duels.

  • Meditate daily.
  • Buy a stress-busting coloring book.
  • Get therapy.

#5 You Are Disciplined…

Disciplined people are often the pillars of stability and trust in their inner circles.


Because they uphold their commitments and inspire you to do the same.

And one such aspect of life where their disciplined ways shows through is their yearly visit to the hospital for a health check-up. Maybe that's why a study published by the University of California found that people who are disciplined tend to live up to 4 years longer than those who are impulsive.


#6 You Are Romantic…

Romantic people tend to touch their partners more than those who are not. And these frequent sessions of physical contact, whether through hugs, kisses, or sex, keep the oxytocin levels in their blood up and their blood pressure low.

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