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    13 Ways To Get Skinny Legs Without Exercise

    By Ipsasweta
    how to get skinny legs without exercise

    Everyone dreams of having a perfect and toned body but no one wants to indulge in any physical activity. You can either blame laziness or the lack of time that abstains someone from exercising to get the desired body shape.

    But there are a lot of other ways by which one can get a perfect body shape, provided the person strictly follows a balanced diet with minimal physical activity.

    Here are 13 easy ways to get skinnier legs without doing any exercise. Take a look.


    #1 Embrace A Healthy Diet

    The first and foremost step to getting skinnier body is to maintain a balanced diet, especially when you don't want to indulge in exercising. Don't try to change your food habits overnight, as it might not be helpful at all. Take one step at a time to get adjusted to the new items on your plate. For instance, start cutting down on the sugar-loaded desserts with fruits that help you satiate your sweet tooth.

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    #2 Allow Yourself A Cheat Meal Every Once In A While

    No one can completely curb one's sugar cravings, so it is very important to give yourself cheat days when you can indulge in your favourites. Eating junk once in a while helps you stay focused on your long-term goal and work towards it effectively. But make sure that you don't indulge yourself too frequently so as to avoid weight gain.


    #3 Master The Art Of Portion Control

    If you want to get skinny legs without exercising, you have to master this art of portion control. You have to follow a disciplined diet and take control of what you eat, so as to lose those extra fats.

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    #4 Become More Active Inside The Home

    Become more action-oriented while doing household chores. A simple act of cleaning your vehicle can also help you lose calories if you do it in the right way. If hitting the gym sounds monotonous for you, then do mundane, but effective, household work to shed those calories off.


    #5 Do Household Work With Music

    Studies suggest that music can help to improve your mood and make you more active. A simple and mundane work such as mopping your house can be turned into a fun-filled activity by adding some music to it. Dancing can also burn a lot more calories than normal gymming can.


    #6 Don’t Be A Couch Potato

    Involve yourself in fun-filled yet calorie-burning activities like trekking or hiking. Don't be a couch potato, as that is the main cause of gaining fat near the thighs and the pelvic area. A small change in lifestyle can cause a huge impact on your body shape.


    #7 Replace Office Chair With A Stability Ball

    There are many benefits of sitting on a stability ball. It helps to improve your posture, so you can't slouch. It also helps to activate the core muscles of your back and abdomen. This will slowly help in losing the extra thigh fat.


    #8 Wear A Weighted Vest

    This is the perfect substitute for you if you don't want to exercise. A 20 pound of weighted vest can be tied around your waist and all you have to do is to walk for 30 minutes. You will burn enough calories to shed that fat from the thighs.


    #9 Take Stairs Instead Of The Lift

    Stairs can be the best way to burn calories and fats as well as tone the muscles (especially the calf muscles). This is also effective to lose your overall body weight in proportion. You can also choose to stand instead of sit for a longer period of time, so as to prevent the fat from accumulating.


    #10 Cycle Back Home

    This fun-filled activity can also be helpful to lose weight as well as tone your thighs and calf muscles. If you want to lose the thigh fat, then cycle back home instead of riding a bike or driving a car. This will also help you save some time!


    #11 Park Your Vehicle Far Away

    Many people when they can't find a parking spot get really bent out of shape. Well, the next time, use this to your advantage by parking blocks away, and happily walk to where you need to go. You'll not only be moving your butt, thighs and the rest of you, but you'll be burning calories, too.


    #12 Use A Pedometer

    Studies have shown that just by wearing a pedometer, you walk 27% more than you actually did before, meaning it motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Wear a pedometer to just walk an extra mile and lose some calories with that.


    #13 Limit Refined Carbs

    Refined sweeteners are the main sources of extra fats around your belly and thigh. Steer clear off refined carbs like dough nuts or candies that instantly add to your calorie count. Go for healthy sweeteners like jaggery if you crave for it.

    These simple yet effective steps should suffice if you are aiming at losing the extra fat from your thighs. But you have to stay committed and make sure that you don't indulge in unhealthy foods that don't really help you in achieving your desired goal.

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    Story first published: Saturday, December 23, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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