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Men! Identify These Warning Signs Of A Heart Disease

By Staff

Hair loss and greying of hair is a sign that you are ageing. But when you start getting bald and you have premature graying of your hair even before you reach 40, then you need to watch it out. As this could be a sign of some serious health issues.


According to a new study, premature balding and greying of hair could be a sign of coronory artery disease in men.

For the study, the researchers had examined over 2,000 young men in India. The participants comprised of 790 men, less than 40 years of age with coronory artery disease and another 1,270 healthy men who acted as a control group.

Clinical history of all the participants like electrocardiogram (ECG), echocardiography, blood tests and coronary angiogram were taken into consideration.

During the study it was found that young men with coronary artery disease had a higher prevalence of premature greying (50 percent versus 30 percent) and male-pattern baldness (49 percent versus 27 percent) compared to healthy controls.

After adjusting for age and other cardiovascular risk factors, male-pattern baldness was associated with a 5.6 times greater risk of coronary artery disease and premature greying was associated with a 5.3 times greater risk.

Principal investigator Dr Kamal Sharma said, "Baldness and premature greying should be considered risk factors for coronary artery disease."

This study conducted by the European Society of Cardiology will be presented at the 69th Annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India (CSI).

Meanwhile, learn about a few of the major signs and symptoms of a heart disease. Take a look.


1. Chest Discomfort:

The first and one of the most common symptom of a heart disease is chest discomfort. If there is some problem or a kind of blockage in the artery then you start having pain, tightness and a kind of pressure in the chest.

Also there are times when you are physically stressed and you feel a pain in the chest. This could be normal. But when you start feeling the pain without any reason and the pain continues for long then this could be a sign that you are suffering from a heart problem.


2. Indigestion & Stomach Pain:

Stomach pain and indigestion can be generally caused due to wrong eating habits. However, when you start experiencing stomach pain without any reason and for a longer period of time then it could be a sign of heart problem.


3. Pain In The Arms:

When you feel the pain in the chest and that moves outwards and radiates down the left side of the body towards your arms then you need to watch out carefully. As this could be one of the sign that you are suffering from a heart problem.


4. Snoring:

Men, if you are snoring too loud then you need to watch it out. As loud snoring that sounds like a gasping or choking can be a sign of sleep apnea. Due to this you stop breathing for brief moments several times at night while you are still sleeping. This puts extra stress on your heart.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 30, 2017, 23:00 [IST]
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