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Durga Puja 2019: Check Out The Health Benefits Of Visiting Pandals

By Chandreyee Sen

Festivals are an integral part of Indian culture. Starting from New Year, Holi, Dussehra, Diwali to Christmas, we Indians are busy for 12 months of the year celebrating one festival or the other. These festivities are celebrated grandly with gleams and glitters, pandals and several delectable cuisines.

This year Durga Puja will be celebrated from 28 September and end on 8 October. Talking about pandals, Durga Puja, Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi are few festivals that are celebrated with such fervour. Pandals are designed following various themes and artistic idols are crafted.

Puja committee members take special care towards the safety of the people. The pandals win several prizes and acclamations from renowned houses; these people are always busy and in a rush to be the best and win lots of awards.

In West Bengal, Durga Puja is one the most important occasions and the preparations for the five-day celebration starts months in advance.

People are seen in a full shopping spree. Puja organisers begin to design new themes with innovative lights, chandeliers, forts or hill-like pandals.

Visitors throng on the streets to get a glimpse of the top puja pandals. The scenario is very similar on Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai. This festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. The morning awakens with the chanting of Vedic prayers, aartis and delicious prasads are offered to the lord.

However, because of our busy schedules (thanks to all our corporate and non-corporate jobs!), we are often unable to visit pandals.

Moreover, the chaotic crowds that throng around these pandals is another reason why people avoid visiting pandals and enjoy at home or in a restaurant instead. Several cases of eve-teasing, harassment and molestation have been recorded over the past few years.

Some people even get choked in the massive rush of the sea of people. Some get stamped while many wander in the crowd searching for their near ones. With such reports and accusations, police and puja committee members now take several safety measures to control the crowd. They even keep provisions of fire extinguishers in case of any outbreak.

Amidst all this chaos and negativity, did you know visiting pandals can have health benefits too? Well, you must be wondering how visiting a pandal can be good for your health. Read on to find out the benefits.

Boost To Mental Health:

While talking about health benefit, it doesn't necessarily mean your physical health. Here it is the mental health that gets a boost.

Think about the monotonous life you lead during the rest of the year. A festival is a breakthrough and brings colours to one's life. People get a chance to meet their relatives and friends; a positive vibe fills the air.

Hanging out with friends in a restaurant or a shopping mall can become monotonous, but sitting in a circle and enjoying full spree the essence of the puja can be good for your mental state of mind. You will feel more relaxed and less irritated.

Family and friends are those energy boosters which we yearn for but often fail to meet them and festivals are a way to rejoice.

Stress Buster:

According to an adage, laughter makes you live longer. Festivals are full of fun and frolic; you forget about the stress at work or home and get into the festive mood.

Even after hopping several pandals, you hardly get tired and go for more. Your energy level is at its full and people rarely feel any body ailment. So, festivals are conducted not only as a part of our traditions but to keep the mind and heart active.

Reduces Bacteria & Viral Infections:

Visit any of the pandals during Durga Puja, then you are sure to be greeted with the ringing of bells and the sound of the conch. It is believed since time immemorial that the sound of bells and the conch helps in suppressing the bacteria and viruses around the place.

This festive season, live your life to the fullest and enjoy to your heart's content, keeping aside all your stress and worries.

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