Does Alcohol Cause Vitamin And Mineral Deficiency?

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A drink or tow may not kill anybody but gradually, when that same habit turns into addiction, it kills. Alcohol is bad for health in many ways but in this post, let is discuss how it creases deficiencies.

Actually, alcohol is known as a nutrient-thief. Even though your diet is healthy, alcohol, robs those nutrients and makes your body deficient of certain nutrients. How does that happen?

Well, alcohol interferes with the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. Read on...


Vitamin B

The habit of drinking alcohol could actually impact the absorption of folate (Vitamin B 9).

The action of alcohol on your intestines and stomach lining could cause this.



Your body needs Thiamin to breakdown fat, protein and carbs in your food. Deficiency of thiamin could be dangerous to health and drinking of alcohol could cause its deficiency.


Vitamin B12

Drinking can also impact the absorption of Vitamin B 12.

Your blood cells and even nerve cells require this vitamin to function well.

Excessive consumption of alcohol could cause its deficiency and eventually may raise the risk of nerve disorders.


Fat Soluble Vitamins

As alcohol can impact fat absorption, it indirectly affects the absorption of vitamin E, A and D.

Deficiency of those vitamins could cause problems like night blindness and nerve and bone issues.



Yes, drinking could weaken your bones. Your body may fail to absorb calcium well if you consume too much of alcohol.



Gastrointestinal bleeding could occur in some who consume too much of alcohol. This could also lead to iron deficiency.



Your body needs zinc for its immune system. It also needs zinc for growth of cells and recovery process. Your drinking habit can affect its absorption making you zinc deficient too.

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