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    Do You Have Migraine? These Are The Diseases That Are Linked To Migraine

    By Sravia Sivaram

    If you get a migraine headache, then you're at a higher risk of several health conditions, as per a study. You might also be at a greater risk of developing such conditions in the future.

    Migraines have been linked to several issues ranging from depression to asthma to heart disease.

    There are several pathways that can lead to migraines and these pathways differ from person to person. This can make it very difficult to treat migraine. What works for one might not work for another.

    diseases linked to migraines

    There are several other conditions that can affect you if you have migraine and hence taking the right treatment can benefit you to treat another condition.

    In this article, we have mentioned about the diseases linked to migraine. Read further to know more.


    1. Depression:

    If you have episodic migraines, then you have double the risk of depression than a person without any migraine. If you have chronic migraine, then your risk triples. This is one of the top diseases linked to migraines.


    2. Anxiety:

    People with chronic migraine are likely to have anxiety disorder. Patients who have anxiety are more likely to develop migraines and vice versa.


    3. Stroke:

    Several studies have found a link between strokes and migraines. People who have migraines with an aura have about twice the risk of stroke as compared with the general population.


    4. Epilepsy:

    Epilepsy and migraine can both involve sensory disturbances and mood changes. Having one can double your risk for the other, but you can have either one.


    5. Heart Disease:

    Both men and women with migraines have a higher risk of heart diseases. A study also found that migraine sufferers were more likely to have risk factors like heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes.


    6. Asthma:

    The common denominator for both these conditions can be inflammation. Inflammation of the blood vessels outside the brain can cause a throbbing pain, which is the sign of a migraine. This is one of the top diseases linked to migraine.


    7. Obesity:

    If you have migraine, then excess weight can make them worse. If you have never had migraine, then obesity can even trigger it. Studies have shown that those who gain more weight overtime are more likely to have migraine.


    8. Pain Disorders:

    Many pain disorders including fibromyalgia and chronic pain of the neck, back and shoulders tend to go hand in hand with other types of migraines.


    9. Digestive Issues:

    People with migraine have a higher prevalence of a number of GI-related issues, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease and coeliac disease.


    10. Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS):

    This is a disorder that causes strong urge to move your legs and can interfere with your daily life and sleep. The link between RLS and migraine has been attributed with dopamine, a neurotranmitter in the brain involved in both movement and migraine.

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