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Your Dish Washing Sponge Can Spoil Your Health!

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Yes, dish sponge bacteria are deadly! The role of a dish washing scrub or sponge is to remove the remnants of food on the dishes and make them germ-free after a wash.

Also, soon after washing dishes we tend to wash the scrub or the sponge too in order to remove the food particles in it. But is that enough?

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Here is the shocker! A new study says that the scrub or the sponge you use to clean dishes is the breeding ground of bacteria which can spoil your health when your immunity is down! Here are some more facts.


How A Dish Washing Sponge Affects Health

What makes the sponge a breeding ground of bacteria? Well, it is porous. It can absorb water. That is enough for bacteria to happily live inside the sponge! That is why a dishwashing sponge smells!


Does Cleaning It Help?

You might be thinking that regularly washing the sponge or soaking it in soap water is enough to kill the bacteria. No, that isn't enough!

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Researchers as a part of a new study, studied several used sponges under the microscope and found bacteria which can even cause deadly diseases like cholera, typhoid and even food poisoning!


Can Hot Water Help?

If you have thought that immersing the sponge in hot water is enough, no, it doesn't help. Bacteria that can survive those conditions will persist.

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Deep inside the sponge, even in a small pore where heat cannot reach, more than a 50 million bacteria can survive!


What To Do

Do you need to use a new sponge every day? Well, that would be expensive. Do we have to stop using a sponge? Is there a dish washing sponge alternative? No, there are other ideas that can help.


Find Alternatives!

Never use a sponge more than a week. If possible, use natural methods like coconut fiber or hands to wash dishes if that is possible. Or use scrubs or sponges for only a couple of days and discard them.

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