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Benefits Of Putting Oil In Belly Button

Oiling Belly Button gives amazing Health benefits | नाभि में तेल लगाने के ये फायदे | Boldsky

Some folk remedies don't make any sense but they work. Yes, there are so many such remedies that people still follow.

You will be surprised to know that applying a few oil drops on the belly button actually cures certain health issues.

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Yes, rubbing oil there is said to cure joint pains, knee pain, cold, flu, runny nose, skin issues and more. Read on to know about the details....


Benefit #1

Cracked lips? Joint Pain? Simply apply a few drops of mustard oil to your belly button. Though it may sound crazy, it is a folk remedy that works!


Benefit #2

Are you down with flu or cold? Dip a piece of cotton in alcohol. Place it on your belly button. This is a remedy for cold and flu.

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Benefit #3

Are you suffering from menstrual cramps or pain? Dip a piece of cotton in brandy. Keep the cotton on your belly button.


Benefit #4

Apply a few drops of neem oil to the belly button and massage the area gently. After a few days, your acne may reduce.


Benefit #5

Applying a few drops of almond oil to the belly button is said to make your face glow.


Benefit #6

Apply a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil to the belly button and massage the area gently. This is a remedy to improve fertility!


Benefit #7

Do you want healthy and soft skin? Apply a drop of cow ghee on your belly button!

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Benefit #8

If your knees are paining, rub castor oil on the belly button before sleeping. It might help!

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