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Benefits Of Having Plants In Your Bedroom + 9 Best Indoor Plants For Clean Air

Plants in bedroom that help you sleep better | Boldsky

Human beings have lived symbiotically beside plants and trees for millions of years.

The latter suck in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and release fresh oxygen for the former to breathe in, while the former breathes out carbon dioxide to sustain the cycle all over again.

Unfortunately, the oxygen-carbon dioxide balance in our world has not been right since the age of industrialization. In fact, the burden of pollution on our planet is now so much that the air in many countries around the world, like China, U.S.A, and India, has now been declared dangerously toxic by the WHO.

And the abundant deforestation that is happening around the world is not helping us either!

What can the common man do in such dire circumstances?

If you said give up hope and wait for the end, then you need to think again. Because whatever the circumstances might be, there are some things still in your control. And keeping air-purifying houseplants just happens to be one of them!


Indoor Plants Increase Oxygen Concentration in the Air

As mentioned in the introduction, plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. That's why it is very good to keep a few potted plants in your bedroom, as they improve the air quality of your sleeping space.


They Cool Down the Room

Oxygen is not the only end-product of photosynthesis. Water is too. Therefore, keeping plants inside your bedroom is a great way to reduce the heat during the summer months.


They Can Filter Out Air Pollutants

Keeping houseplants is a good way to get rid of air pollutants, which have a harmful effect on your health.

In fact, aloe vera is especially good at this and is known to develop brown spots on its leaves if the concentration of harmful pollutants exceeds a certain threshold.


They Improve the Aesthetics of Your House

From moss-covered rocks to ramshackle houses covered in thick ivy, plants can make the ugliest man-made structures look beautiful.

Don't you know about the indoor jungle trend that is currently rocking the world?


They Reduce Illnesses

Plants not only improve the air quality, they also remove microbes and dust particles from the air, especially during the winters.


Best Indoor Plants for Clean Air

The following indoor plants are exceptionally good for your house if you live in a polluted city.


#1 Aloe Vera

As mentioned earlier, aloe vera is like a canary in a coal mine when it comes to air pollution. This is because it develops brown spots on its leaves if the concentration of air pollutants is beyond a certain threshold.

Just remember to place it where there is ample sunlight!


#2 English Ivy

The English Ivy is exceptionally good at filtering out the air in your house, especially the cancer-causing compound formaldehyde.

Plus, they are super easy to grow and don't need much maintenance to thrive.


#3 Rubber Tree

Every tree starts off as a sapling. So, if you are worried about having to plant it elsewhere once it outgrows its pot, don't worry right this second. That will take a long time.

Until that day, enjoy the presence of this low-maintenance plant that is a great air purifier!


#4 Chrysanthemums

This potted flowering plant is as beautiful as it is beneficial.

According to a NASA study, chrysanthemums are excellent air purifiers that remove dangerous pollutants like formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and trichloroethylene released by many common household items.


#5 Mint

Mint is another low-maintenance plant that is easy to grow and known to boost your mood and memory when kept indoors.


#6 Gardenia

While all plants clean up the air to some degree or another, it's the rare ones that can put you to sleep with just one whiff of its fragrance. Such is the power of the beautiful gardenia.

And the best part is: it does not have any of the side-effects that all OTC sleeping pills have.


#7 Lavender

Have you ever wondered why most wellness shops and herbal clinics smell like lavenders? It's because this beautiful plant is a great mood stimulator besides its air-purifying abilities.


#8 Spider Plant

The best thing about this leafy plant is that it is not toxic if ingested accidentally by pets or babies. Plus, they can filter out carbon monoxide, benzene, and xylene from the air, which are carcinogenic air pollutants.


#9 Money Plant (a.k.a Golden Pothos)

This beautiful creeper thrives well in low-light environments and is a great air purifier capable of absorbing vehicular and chemical fumes.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 30, 2017, 13:30 [IST]
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