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7 Surprising Bed-time Habits That Make You Gain Weight

By: Asha Das

Are you gaining weight even after trying your best possible ways to stay fit? There will be some probable reason that you overlooked. If your morning routine is not working fine to keep you fit, watch your bed time routines. There are many bed time habits that make you gain weight.

Most of these are associated with your sleep duration and sleep quality. Check on the factors that affect your sleep. This can range from what you took for your dinner to the way how you prepare yourself before bed.

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Apart from dinner choices, technology also has something to do with your weight gain. Nowadays, even children are spending time with their tech gadgets on bed. This is one of the major reasons for childhood obesity.

Follow healthy bed time routines and see how your body reacts to this. You will see the remarkable changes within one month.

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Here we will discuss some of the important bed time habits that make you gain weight.


1. Heavy Meal Before Bed:

Having a heavy meal before bed time is a bad habit. This way you are making the digestive system busy. When you sleep, your metabolism is slow and having a heavy meal before bed will not let your body get enough rest.


2. Sleeping Just After Dinner:

If you have a habit of going to bed right after your dinner, it is high time to stop it. It is recommended to walk for at least 30 minutes after having your dinner. This will help in making the digestion process easy and effective. This is one of the bed time habits that make you gain weight.


3. Taking High Calorie Food Before Bed:

Since you are not utilizing any of the calories that you get from your food, these will be stored in your body as fat. If you are taking high calorie food, the chances of weight gain are more. Always go for light foods like salads or fruits before your bed time.


4. Using Phone When On The Bed:

Nighttime is when your body needs the required amount of rest. During this time there are many maintenance procedures taking place in our body, including detoxification. So using a cell phone when on the bed will affect your sleep quality and duration. This will ultimately result in weight gain.


5. Snacks After Dinner:

Do you have the habit of snacking after dinner? Then this is one of the bed time habits that makes you gain weight. Include more vegetables with fibre in your dinner, so that you will get a full feeling.


6. Consuming Alcohol:

One bedtime habit that makes you gain weight is consuming alcohol before going to bed. This will affect your metabolism, resulting in weight gain and other associated complications. This is one of the bed time habits that make you gain weight.


7. Setting your alarm too late

Early to bed and early to rise is the best way to keep your weight under control. If you wake up late, chances are more for you to skip breakfast. This will trigger your cravings for unhealthy food during the day time when you have plenty of options.

Follow healthy bedtime habits and stay healthy.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 2, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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