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20 Interesting Facts About Your Period You Didn’t Know!

By Ipsa Sweta Dhal

Periods are that time of the month when you don't feel like doing anything. Some women almost dread it because of the cramps that are likely to occur and the hormonal imbalances which usually are at its peak, making you very vulnerable and moody.

However, deep down, every woman is thankful for her periods for several reasons, be it for avoiding pregnancy or for ensuring a healthy body.

Here are 20 interesting facts about your periods you probably didn't know!


#1 If You’re Taking Birth Control Pills, It’s Probably Fake Periods

If you are under birth control pills or ring or the UID, then your body does not secrete as much progesterone as required, resulting in a thinner line and less bleeding. In most of the cases, you are not even in the ovulation phase each month as a result of the birth control measures.


#2 It Is Completely Fine To Get No Periods At All While On Birth Control

As mentioned earlier, the progesterone level is minimal due to birth control measures and sometimes, the body does not produce enough lining to bleed.

It is basically an impostor period and you don't have to worry about it!

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#3 Toxic Shock Symptom Is Rare

Toxic shock symptom is the case where a person dies of bacterial infection caused by over-usage of tampons. It was a prevailing condition in the 80s. But with the increase in technology and quality of products, it is completely safe to sleep with tampons now. Just make sure to change it at regular intervals for maintaining a proper hygiene.


#4 Dark Or Brown Period Doesn’t Mean You Are Dying!

Many of us have the thought that we have a serious underlying illness due to the abnormal colour of the blood. People tend to fixate on their blood colour and any slight change could lead them to develop various negative assumptions. It just indicates a bit of impurities in your body, and that's it.


#5 A Missing Period Need Not Necessarily Be A Sign Of Pregnancy

Although the most common cause of missing periods is pregnancy, that might not be the case always. Lack of proper diet and nutrition in the body can also trigger a skipped cycle. If you involve your body in a rigorous physical activity, it can also lead to a skipped cycle. Stress can also act as an agent to your skipped periods.

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#6 Beat Period Cramps With Pills Even Before It Starts

Consume pills even before your periods start. These pills are easily available over the counter and their anti-inflammatory nature helps in curbing the release of prostaglandins (the ones responsible for the cramps). These pills also help in decreasing the menses.


#7 PMS Is No Joke, Seriously

PMS can be no joke for a woman. Whether you get monthly mood swings, acne, diarrhoea or anxiety, blame it all on your PMS. The hormonal imbalance causes all these symptoms and makes you more moody and vulnerable.


#8 You Don’t Ovulate All The Time During Your Periods

Getting your monthly periods is not a sign of ovulation or fertility. For instance, you can still have a period even if you didn't release an egg that month, which is the case for anyone on hormonal birth control, but it can also be the case for other people with irregular cycles.


#9 Irregularities At Frequent Intervals Might Me A Problem Of Fertility!

If you skip your periods for months at a stretch, it is an alarming sign and you should consult a doctor. Missed periods surely indicate a non-ovulating uterus, so talk to your doctor if you want to conceive.


#10 Any Medical Condition Can Mess With Your Periods

Literally, any medical condition, starting from cancer to heart diseases and thyroid can affect your cycle. Apart from this, PCOS, endometriosis and uterine fibroids can also be a cause of your skipped cycle. If you are diagnosed with any of the above, please consult your doctor if you are planning on conceiving.


#11 A Little Odour During Your Period Is Normal

It is completely normal to have a little vaginal odour during your periods, as the pH balance of your vagina is completely whacked. Just make sure that you don't apply any deodorant or perfume to get rid of the odour, as it might cause irritation. Also, make it a point to maintain hygiene during periods.

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#12 Spotting Is No Big Deal

Spotting isn't always a sign of pregnancy and is usually no big deal. It can also happen for hormonal reasons or when you are getting used to some birth control measure.


#13 You Can Get Periods While You Are Pregnant

Although it is the fake period that has been discussed in the points above, about one-third of the women have reported of bleeding during their first few months of pregnancy. It is not a big deal and should not be a matter of concern.


#14 The Genital Area Becomes Sensitive

Imagine the constant pain and throbbing around your genital area when you are on the first days of your cycle. The genitals become more sensitive during the cycle due to the change in pain receptors. It is a very normal feeling.


#15 Passing Clots Is Normal Too!

Clots during your periods is a common sight and people mistake it as a sign of impending death. But science says that it is completely normal and there is nothing to stress about. Clots just indicate that you are bleeding heavily.


#16 You Can Get Periods From Your Nose!

Yes, you read that right! It is called "vicarious menstruation" and it involves bleeding from somewhere else, other than your uterus. Women have reportedly bled from their eyes and nose. This happens due to the softening of blood capillaries during menstruation. It is very, very rare though.


#17 Periods Can Be More Painful In The Cold

Cold weather not only makes your period more painful, but also makes it last longer. You tend to bleed heavily. In a tropical weather, these symptoms can be negated. Moving to the tropics yet?


#18 Menstrual Blood Is Used To Cure Warts And Headaches

In the olden times, people used menstrual blood as a cure to a lot of diseases, including leprosy, plague and even demonic possession. It can be funny to think of, as it would be so messy!


#19 Retail Fever Can Occur Before Your Periods

Studies on menstruating women have shown that they spend a lot of money in shopping a few days before they get their periods. Now you know where you've been spending all the money!


#20 Tampon Is Actually A French Word For “Plug”!

This is the most hilarious fact about periods, as we all know how a tampon looks like. Imagine it was called plug instead of tampons. Would be hilarious, right?

Well, periods are a very sensitive topic and not everyone is comfortable with the idea of talking about it. But we simply can't ignore it, as it is a part of our body process, just like eating or pooping. So, let's celebrate it as a sign of womanhood.

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