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10 Safe Sex Practices For Women

By Ipsa Sweta Dhal

As a woman, it is very essential to practice safe sex and not be scared of taking authority of your sexual health and safety. Being prepared mentally and physically, being ready and being safe are the key elements to a healthy sex life.

You should always aim at preventing the transfer of various Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) and getting pregnant. It is also important to keep a check on your menstrual cycles and sexual health to ensure a healthy sex life.

Here are 10 ways in which you can maintain a healthy sex life:


#1 Research Your Birth Control Options

It is very important to find the best birth control methods if you have been sexually active. Today, there are a number of birth control operations which can be both temporary and permanent in nature. There is also a variety to choose from depending on your preferences. Work with your doctor to find out the appropriate birth control measure for you.


#2 Use Protection Every Time

It may sound a little odd because everyone wants to go with the flow but using protection should be a must during any sexual encounter. It not only reduces your chances of unwanted pregnancy but also the risk of contracting a STI. If your partner does not prefer condoms then you should use one.


#3 Communication Is The Best Key

Be open with your partner regarding your past sexual encounters and your preferences for safe sex. This way your partner can also take utmost care to prevent any mishap. Also talk to your partner about getting tested for STIs on a regular interval.

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#4 Limit Your Number Of Partners

The best way to ensure a healthy sex life is to have a limited number of sex partners. The fact is simple; the more sex partners you involve with, the more are the chances of getting an STI. Each new partner will have their own history of sexual encounters. If you don't follow a monogamous relationship pattern, be sure to practice safe sex at all times.


#5 Or Better, Be Monogamous

Although this might sound a little commanding, the best way to ensure a healthy sexual life is to have one partner in a long-term relationship. As long as the two of you remain faithful, the chances of contracting any disease is very low.


#6 Be Careful Of The Products You Use

A lot of women like to use vaginal washes to keep their intimate areas healthy. But it is very important to make a wise choice when it comes to shopping for these. A lot of these washes remove the natural pH balance and this leads to a dry and itchy vaginal area. It also washes the useful bacteria that can potentially protect you from an STI. Also, make a wise choice when it comes to lubricants to avoid vaginal infections.

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#7 Use Lubricants During Sex

It is very important to use a lubricant during sex because it reduces the risk of the condom tearing apart. Sometimes, your vaginal area becomes dry during an intercourse and the friction results in tearing of the condom. This might lead to unwanted pregnancy and transfer of infections. So make sure to use a lubricant to prevent this from happening.


#8 Clean Sex Toys Too

It is not at all wrong to spice up your sex life by adding toys and other stuff to make your fantasies come true. But the sex toys should be maintained properly as it is used in the most sensitive and intimate area of the body. Wash and sterilize all the sex toys. You can also use condoms on your sex toys. Never share your sex toys with anyone.


#9 Abstain From Sex

This is only applicable for people who are not physically or mentally ready to have sex but give in to the pressure as they feel insecure about their partners. It is not wrong at all to abstain from sex if you don't want to. Talk to your partner and make him understand how you feel about it. In this way, you can keep yourself accountable.


#10 Know Your Status

It is very important to keep getting checked for various STIs from time to time as the symptoms take time to show, ranging from a few months to even years. It is also beneficial so that even if you are infected, you don't give it to your partners.

Even though all these tips can be useful, sex is always an uncomfortable topic to talk about to a new partner or an existing one. But make sure to articulate your needs because it is going to be your body at the end of the day. Always be proactive about your preferences and choices to lead a healthy sex life.

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