Worst Things You Can Do To Your Body

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It is time to begin the New Year 2016 on a positive note. This is also the apt time to let go of those nasty bad habits that curbed you from living a healthy lifestyle in 2015.

Today, as you venture into the New Year it is best to make resolutions from those little things in life that will help to keep you active and fit. Getting rid of those worst things you can do to your body is the initial step to take.

Boldsky introduces to you a handful of things you should say good-bye to this year. For example, catching up on those extra 15 minutes of sleep after hitting the snooze button, having movie marathons, or chugging down endless beer is not good for the body.

These habits will make your immunity weak over a period of time and at the same time these bad habits will invite other health issues too. Experts state that though these habits are important to get rid of, at the same time it is difficult to let go.

But guess what? If you forget these worst things you can do to your body, there is a much more better chance of you living a healthier and longer life. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these nasty things that harm your body:


That Snooze Button

It is important to wake up as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning. Waking up and turning the alarm to snooze means you are getting disrupted sleep, which means more stress and less rest.


Not Counting Those Drinks

Not realising the amount of alcohol you consume is bad for health. Drinking more than required will only lead tochances of you getting liver cirrhosis and high blood pressure.


For The Movie Buffs

Movie buffs should be concerned about their health as watching movies on a continuous scale through the day is certainly not good for the body. It causes eye strain and hampers blood circulation in the body.


Forget That Butt

Light smoking is as dangerous as chain smoking. Even one cigarette a day can give you cancer and other diseases which will harm your body to extremes. It is important to avoid active and passive smoking.


Watch Those Feet

The way you walk depends on the type of shoes, and that in turn in linked to your spine. It is important to always wear comfortable footwear as it plays a role in keeping your body healthy.


Acknowledge Your Health

You should pay close attention to your health. Never ignore any sign your body is trying to tell you. By ignoring the symptoms you are causing harm to your body.


Indulge In Negativity

If your life is surrounded with negativity it is time to start this new year 2016 with a positive atmosphere. A negative surrounding also discourages you from staying healthy.

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