Why Some People Mix Lemon In Coffee

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When you have a severe headache in the morning and if you don't want to pop in a pill, you generally prefer to have a cup of coffee.

Why Some People Mix Lemon In Coffee1

But try to add a few drops of lemon in a cup of black coffee. You might get quick relief from the headache. In fact, if you feel dizzy, nauseous or dull in the morning, you can try this remedy.

Why Some People Mix Lemon In Coffee2

As caffeine has vaso-constrictive properties, it can soothe some kinds of headaches. And even lemon contains some therapeutic benefits. When you add a few drops to your black coffee, you can quickly get relief from a headache.

Why Some People Mix Lemon In Coffee3

Coffee also allows the flow of bile due to its action on the gallbladder. This way, it can even prevent gallstone formation. As coffee is a stimulant it should be consumed in mdoeration.

Why Some People Mix Lemon In Coffee5

Coffee is also diuretic and also prevents constipation. But coffee is more beneficial only when it is consumed in the morning.

Why Some People Mix Lemon In Coffee6

Even lemon has its beneficial effect on liver and gallbladder. In fact, the combination of lemon and coffee can be a home remedy for migraines.

Why Some People Mix Lemon In Coffee7

But don't try this remedy if you have ulcers. Consult a doctor before you try coffee with lemon.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2016, 10:09 [IST]
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