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Why Do Periods Sync With Friends?

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It has always haunted me as to why women get their periods together! Haven't you witnessed a situation where you and your close buddy, whom you spend half your time with, have a 'synced period'? It is one biology's natural wonder and it is called menstrual synchrony.

Experts state that it is the work of mother nature and it is quite fascinating, so why does this happen?

According to ancient history, it is believed that women's periods sync as an indication that they are fertile, so that when a male is choosing a mate, they are all ready for the selection.

Why Do Periods Sync With Friends?

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This process of syncing periods is also called the 'McClintock effect'. It was named after Martha McClintock, who published an influential paper on this topic in the medical journal "Nature".

When Martha's publication was released, it was noted that due to several bodily mechanisms, women become hypnotized during this process and, therefore, they are more prone to a synced period.

do periods sync with friend

So, Who Is Likely To Have A Synced Period?
It is said that women who live together are at a higher chance of having a synced period. However, even women who spend countless number of hours together every day have the potential too.

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Is Period Syncing Possible With Every Woman?
Women who are on the birth control measures and those who have popped in a contraceptive pill have less chances of being in the period sync. This is because there is a hormonal difference although they may live together. Whereas those women who are not on the pill, and who opt for the single hormone contraceptive pill or the mini pill, have chances of the period sync.

why do periods sync with friends

Does Period Syncing Have An Effect On The Menstrual Cycle?
NO. Period syncing has no side effect on the menstrual cycle. It is biology's natural wonder. However, women should be more aware and ready for an unexpected situation if her roomie has the red card.

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Can You Avoid The Period Sync?
Yes, it is possible to avoid the period sync. One should consider a hormonal treatment or a contraceptive pill. On the other hand, there are a few home remedies too, which one can opt for to delay their periods.

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