Who Are Affected The Most With UTI?

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Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a very common disease among both men and women. However, according to research, women have been found to suffer from urinary tract infection more than men. There are various causes for urinary tract infections and there is a certain section of people who suffer from urinary tract infection more than the others.

Women who are more sexually active are the biggest victims of urinary tract infection or the infection of urinary bladder or the kidneys. This is known as honeymoon cystitis and occurs when the bacteria hanging near the anus enter the urethra. Stay hydrated, pee immediately after intercourse and clean the area to get rid of this infection.

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who are effected with uti the most

Men also suffer from this infection, but mainly after the age of fifty. Bladder infections can be resulting from bacterium that goes out of the urinary duct or urethra into the bladder. Keeping the area clean and peeing regularly can help ease the symptoms.

Women after menopause are more susceptible to urinary tract infection. This is because of the drop of oestrogen levels after menopause. In order to get rid of the infection, women can try and use oestrogen creams in their vagina.

who are effected with uti the most

According to research, the elderly have been found more to suffer from urinary tract infections. This is because the muscles in the urinary tract stop functioning properly after a certain age. This results in some urine being left behind in the bladder after one has passed urine. This leads to the development of bacteria which cause infection.

who are effected with uti the most

People who suffer from diabetes have been found to suffer from urinary tract infection as they lose sense in their urinary tract area. This leads them to hold on to their urine for a long period of time and this causes urinary tract infection.

People with nerve disorders also suffer from urinary tract infection as their condition leads to an overactive or underactive bladder. This has been proved to cause infection.

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