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What Happens To Your Body When You Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

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If you are someone who has decided to switch over from smoking cigarettes to smoking E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, then you must know the E-cigarettes have equally harmful effects on the body!

Most of us may already know about the harmful effects of smoking nicotine cigarettes, we see warning signs that ask us to quit smoking everywhere!

If you are a smoker or if you know people who smoke, then you must be aware of the fact that smoking has serious implications on a person's health.

Just smoking a few cigarettes in a day can lead to various disorders like reduced immunity, poor vision, loss of stamina, bad skin, excess blood clotting, reduced blood flow in the body, throat infections, high cholesterol and even lung cancer!

So, many people who decide to quit smoking, try E-cigarettes, as it is said to be a safer option that uses vapour to heat a flavoured liquid, and gives the same kind of nicotine rush as cigarettes.

So, if you want to know what are some of the most harmful effects of E-cigarettes on the body, thenread this article below.


1. Affects The Heart

Although E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, they can still have a nicotine content which can lead to the accumulation of plaque in your blood vessels, causing blood clots, thus affects your cardiovascular system.


2. Irritates The Eyes

The fumes which come out of an E-cigarette, contains formaldehyde content that can cause irritation, redness and itching in the eyes.


3. Poisoning

In case you swallow the liquid used in an E-cigarette, or your child does, by mistake, then it can lead to nicotine poisoning which is a serious condition.


4. Reduced Brain Development

A research study has found that teens who smoke E-cigarettes, have a reduced brain cell development that can affect their memory, learning skills and cognition negatively.


5. Can Cause Cancer

Just like the regular cigarettes, E-cigarettes can also cause cancer in the smoker, as the nicotine content in it may trigger the abnormal multiplication of cancerous cells.


6. Can Lead To Addiction

E-cigarettes cause the release of dopamine in the brain, so this effect can lead to psychological and also psychological addiction.


7. Harms Skin

The side-effects of smoking E-cigarettes include, dull or damaged skin, as the fume from E-cigarettes can harm your skin cells.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 27, 2016, 3:00 [IST]
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