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Tulsi Vivah 2019: Health Benefits Of Tulsi (Basil) And Milk

Tulsi Milk, तुलसी वाले दूध के फायदें | Health Benefits of Basil Milk, तुलसी वाला दूध | Boldsky

Imagine a world where you can just hop into your gardens when you get sick and treat yourself using herbs without having to visit expensive hospitals. Tulsi is considered to be a holy plant in India and there is also a festival celebrated in this country called Tulsi Vivah, which will be celebrated on 9 November, this year.

Well, it seems like a far-fetched idea, right? Most of us feel that herbal or natural remedies for diseases are a bunch of "grandma's tales" and are not effective.

But, what we do not realise is that natural treatments for ailments can be quite effective when they are used on a regular basis and also, you do not have to worry about any potential side effect.

Did you know that tulsi or the holy basil comes with numerous medicinal properties that can treat various disorders?

When mixed with milk, tulsi's medicinal effect heightens and you reap the health benefits of both these powerful ingredients in one go!

Just take 3-4 tulsi leaves, wash them well, add them to a pan of boiling milk. Now, empty the milk and tulsi leaves into a cup. Consume the mixture every morning on an empty stomach.

To find out how the mixture of tulsi and milk can improve your health, read on!


1. Cures Flu

The anti-inflammatory property present in tulsi, along with the healing property of milk, can reduce the body temperature and reduce the symptoms of a flu, thereby curing the disorder quickly.


2. Improves Heart Health

Tulsi is packed with a potent antioxidant known as eugenol, which is known to keep the human heart healthy and strong. Also, milk provides the heart with the essential nutrients and keeps the organ well oxygenated.


3. Reduces Stress

The mixture of hot milk and tulsi is known to relax your nervous system and also regulate the hormones that cause stress, thereby preventing conditions like anxiety and depression.


4. Dissolves Kidney Stones

The combination of holy basil and milk is known to be an excellent diuretic, which reduces the uric acid levels and detoxifies the kidney, thereby dissolving kidney stones gradually.


5. Prevents Cancer

Both tulsi and milk come packed with antioxidants and nutrients that make your immune system stronger and more resistant to many types of cancers.


6. Cures Respiratory Ailments

The combination of hot milk and tulsi comes with antibacterial properties that can cure conditions such as sore throat, common cold and dry cough, when consumed regularly.


7. Reduces Headache

When you have a nasty headache, just drink a glass of this mixture of tulsi and hot milk; and you will notice that your headache will reduce considerably, as this mixture comes with an anti-inflammatory nature that eases the pain away.