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What Are The Main Reasons For Ear Pain

By: Ajanta Sen

Ear pain is one of the most common ailments that can be seen in kids and adults alike. Ear pain can be excruciating at times and your child can be irritated with it and start to throw tantrums as well. Do you know what the reasons for ear pain could be? Well, read on.

This ache in the ear can be a persistent or an irregular one. The ear pain can be dull, sharp or can give you a burning sensation. Sometimes, both your ears can be affected, while at times, you can get the pain in one ear only.

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AIn children, ear pain can be caused mainly due to an ear infection, whereas in adults there can be different reasons for ear pain to occur. For example, a sore throat or a jaw pain can also result in an ear pain in adults. This is known as referred pain.

Reasons for ear pain

In order to know more about ear pain and how it can be treated, it is also very important to know what the causes for ear pain are. The article highlights some common causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for ear pain. Take a look.

Reasons for ear pain

Causes For Ear Pain
There is a myriad of causes for ear pain. Some of the causes affect your ear really badly, while others affect the regions that are near to your ears. Some of the common reasons for ear pain are:

1) Infection of ear canal at the exterior of eardrum

2) Eczema in ear canal

3) Obstructions in the ear due to earwax

4) Dental problems such as wisdom teeth issues, mouth abscess, etc

5) Tooth pain

Reasons for ear pain

6) Fluid build-up within the eardrum, which is called "Glue ear"(usually children are more affected than adults)

7) Ear canal injury due to sharp objects

8) Facial nerve pain (also known as Trigeminal neuralgia)

9) Throat infections like tonsillitis and pharyngitis

10) Cold

Reasons for ear pain

11) Jaw pain

12) A sore in ear canal

13) An infected hair follicle inside the ear canal

14) Sinusitis

Reasons for ear pain

Symptoms Of Ear Pain
After knowing the reasons for ear pain, you should also acquaint yourself with the symptoms of ear pain. Following are some of the common symptoms of ear pain, take a look:

Sleepless nights due to pain

Babies show a hot body temperature and a bad temper

Loss of appetite can be seen in kids

Runny nose


Balance difficulties

Kids may tug, pull or keep rubbing their ears incessantly

You must check with your doctor if your child has a stiff neck, cannot be comforted or looks very lethargic.

Reasons for ear pain

Diagnosis Of Ear Pain
If your doctor doubts an ear pain due to some infection, he will use an "otoscope" to look into your ear. If your eardrum is well, its colour should be pinkish grey and transparent. If there is any infection in your ear, then your eardrum may appear to be red or swollen. Depending upon the doctor's advice, you may require some additional tests for the exact diagnosis.

Reasons for ear pain

Treatment For Ear Pain
Generally, ear pain can be treated and there are hardly any chances that can lead to long-term issues. After knowing the reasons for ear pain, the doctor may suggest treatments, which can include painkillers like ibuprofen, paracetamol etc. to relieve pain as well as fever.

One of the self-help tips is to take a cold flannel cloth and keep it on your sore ear for about twenty minutes to ease your ear pain. However, be careful, so that your inner ear doesn't get wet.

Reasons for ear pain

Your doctor may also recommend you some ear drops; however, avoid using any ear drop if your ear drum has exploded. For some ear infections, doctors may perhaps prescribe some antibiotics as well.

If your kid has a continuing ear pain or is getting frequent ear infections, you must consult a doctor who may recommend "Grommets" (small tubes) that can help keep your kid's ear free from any fluid or any kind of an infection.

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