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What Are The Main Causes Of High Blood Pressure In Women

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For a long period of time, high blood pressure was considered as a disease of the male population. However, with time it was observed that high blood pressure levels in women was on the rise and was posing to be incredibly dangerous.

Everybody's pressure goes down and up throughout the day at various times of the day. You could get nervous when you are stressed and that could increase your blood pressure level somewhat. But a constant or continuous increase in blood pressure is a reason to worry.

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reasons for high blood pressure in women

Women of all age groups have been found to suffer from high blood pressure but those after menopause have been found to suffer more from it. This is because after menopause, the level of oestrogen hormone has been found to decrease in women. This hormone is supposed to provide women with protection from high blood pressure.

reasons for high blood pressure in women

The other causes of high blood pressure in women are renal failure, age, family history, insufficient exercise, high quantity of salt in what she eats, high fat in her diet, not including enough fibre in the diet, kidney infection, narrowing of the arteries, medications like contraceptive pills or illegal materials like drugs.

reasons for high blood pressure in women

There are various ways to control high blood pressure levels. Your doctor can put you on medication with medicines to bring down the blood pressure level. Even after that if it does not go down, stress relieving medicines may be prescribed.

reasons for high blood pressure in women

As salt helps in water retention and this in turn might increase the blood pressure, cutting down on salt becomes important. Pickles and cheese have hidden salts because of how they are made. Foods high in fat content must also be avoided. Foods high in fibre like fruits and vegetables should be included in one's diet to cure high blood pressure.

reasons for high blood pressure in women

High blood pressure should be treated immediately, otherwise it might lead to diseases of the heart or stroke, kidney issues and failures and eye problems.

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