Warning Signs That You Are Sleep Deprived !

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The project deadline is just getting over and you are rushing off to finish it on time. In situations like these, the first thing one does is - curtail on their number of sleeping hours and try their best to complete the given project on time.

Staying awake till late night and then again waking up early in the morning and working might take a toll on one's health. There are several warning signs which show that one is deprived of sleep.

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Well this must be the case with every other person dedicated to their work. But what about their health? In the process they tend to compromise on their health. As a result of which they become victims of several health hazards. A minimum of seven hours of sleep is required for a working adult.

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Few might just be minor health issues, and thinking them to be some casual symptoms many tend to ignore them. But when these health issues are not addressed on time, these might turn severe and fatal as well. Hence having them checked and getting them diagnosed at the right time is very essential.

Here is a list of few health issues which are the major warning signs that show one is sleep deprived. Take a look.


1. Prone To Infection:

Weak immunity level is one of the major symptoms that one is deprived of sleep. So once the immunity level goes down one easily catches infections.


2. Fatigue:

An adequate amount of sleep is necessary for the body to rest and then prepare for the next day. When the body does not get enough sleep it makes one tired and exhausted.


3. Irritation:

The brain needs a certain amount of rest so as to function normally. But when one does not get enough sleep if affects the functioning of the brain and this is why one gets irritated easily.


4. Difficult Coping With Stress:

As the body does not get the needed rest, the mind will not be in a state to deal with stress.


5.Frequent Cold:

When sleep is not adequate the immunity level goes down. This is why people who are deprived of adequate sleep get frequent colds.


6. Difficulty In Concentrating:

When the brain does not get adequate rest, the concentration level also gets hampered. It is only when the person gets good sleep, the brain gets proper rest and this aids in good concentration power.


7.Weight Gain:

When one does not get enough sleep this leads to an increase in the stress hormone and this is one of the major causes that lead to weight gain.


8. Increased Risk Of Diabetes:

Lack of sleep leads to insulin resistance. When one is deprived of sleep the body will not be able to use the glucose for energy. This will lead to an increased risk for diabetes.


9. Gives Rise To Heart Problem:

Several studies have shown that lack of adequate sleep has been one of the chief reasons which give rise to heart problems and a greater risk of stroke as well.


10. Eye Strain:

When sleep is not adequate, the eyes also get strained. One might face difficulty in opening up the eyes, while a few others might experience burning sensation as well.

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