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Very Hot Drinks Are A Probable Cancer Trigger

Posted By: Staff

Research indicates that drinking piping hot coffee, tea and caffeine-infused drinks are likely to cause cancer. Drinks surpassing 149 degrees Fahrenheit might improve the possible risk of cancers of the oesophagus, say experts. Enjoy your coffee with your partner, but make sure it is not very hot or it can prove to be fatal in the long run.

There is evidence that very hot drinks can contribute to cell lesions in the oesophagus and therefore contribute to cancer formation. Scientists reason that any drink hotter than 149 degrees Fahrenheit is likely to be carcinogenic to humans.

side effects of drinking too hot coffee

They placed scalding hot beverages in the same class as DDT, food fried at high temperature, processed meat and genetically modified food. All these cause cancer.

side effects of drinking too hot coffee

They backed their research by concluding that higher rates of oesophageal cancer were seen in people who drank very hot coffee and tea compared to people who did not consume hot drinks and also who drank their drinks at lower temperatures.

side effects of drinking too hot coffee

Even after considering certain risk factors, like smoking etc., researchers concluded that there is a direct link between hot drinks and cancer as studies have shown that very hot water can also cause cancer by affecting the tissues of the oesophagus and damaging them. This can sometimes lead to the growth of tumours or cancer.

side effects of drinking too hot coffee

There are a number of things that cause cancer. Smoking, exposing oneself to UV radiation and pollution, eating food that has been cooked directly on naked flame, etc. can cause cancer. It has also been said that drinking coffee causes cancer.

side effects of drinking too hot coffee

However, linking coffee with cancer has been disputed by many researchers. There is no evidence available to prove that coffee causes cancer. In fact coffee has been certified as a drink that prevents certain cancers like liver and endometrial cancers. So it can be concluded that as long as the coffee is not too hot, it will not cause cancer.

It applies to all kinds of drinks. Just do not drink it too hot.

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Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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