Unfortunate Truth About Canned Food

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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We are always running, aren't we? We are running for jobs, and running from one job to another in search of a better career prospect. In such a scenario, who has time to cook an elaborate meal, anyway? So, we most often rely on a quick-fix meal.

Something which is quicker, tastier, and less time consuming than a usual regular meal. Canned food often becomes our best friend in such a scenario. Midnight hunger?

Just pop open a jar of canned soup. Running late to college and have no time to get breakfast? Just grab those canned nuts. Making a sandwich? Canned sausages are often the best choice.

However, seldom do we stop to notice the health hazards that this canned food item is causing. These food items are often marked as safe, but they are quite the opposite actually.

Today, we at Boldsky will tell you the unfortunate truth or facts about canned foods. A truth, which we all should notice for our own health benefits.

Unfortunate truth about canned food

Loaded With BPA

Bisphenol or BPA, as it commonly known, is present in canned food items. Most canned food items have a plastic coating inside the cans to keep food safe and fresh, and this plastic coating contains BPA.

This man-made chemical keeps the food fresh, but at the cost of hampering your health. BPA is known to be responsible for loads of health concerns such as neurological disorders, reproductive disorders, type-2 diabetes, cancer risk, obesity and a host of other fatal diseases.

BPA increases even more in case of items such as canned tomatoes, which increases the acidity of the product and makes it more poisonous.

Unfortunate truth about canned food

The Direct Link Between Processed Meat And Cancer.
According to a study by the World Cancer Research Fund, there is a direct link between the processed, canned meat and cancer.

Processed meat should be avoided at all costs, as they are made with meat that is injected with antibiotics, sodium nitrate and hormones.

Unfortunate truth about canned food

Copious Amount Of Preservatives
It is heartbreaking for the lovers of canned food to know that their favourite food is loaded with different types of preservatives in copious amounts.

One looks at the container, and you wouldn’t even realise that the friendly and almost sounding ingredient can actually be a pesticide. Needless to say, these are also extremely harmful for the body.

An extensive amount of salt is also added to the product to prevent it from decaying. These preservatives can create havoc in elderly, children, and the ones already suffering from the disease.

Unfortunate truth about canned food

Aluminium Contamination
Did you know that the containers used for packaging soups, tomatoes and beer are contaminated with aluminium? Most food items are first packed in the aluminium cans and then cooked to retain their freshness.

But in the process, food items end up absorbing this aluminium content. Some may argue that plastic lining inside the can helps in protecting it from the aluminium contamination.

But, the truth is, it releases aluminium radicals when heated and packed. Unfortunately, being lightweight and economical, they continue to be used in the packaging of the products.

Continuous accumulation of aluminium in the body is even known to cause Alzheimer’s disease in the consumers.

Low-quality Foods
Let’s admit that the food and products that aren’t deemed high-quality are packaged in cans, cooked and even sold after a year or two of being packed.

If you are seeking high-quality and fresh food items then canned food is something that you should totally stay away from.

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Story first published: Friday, January 15, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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