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How To Reduce Cancer Risk?

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Cancer has affected more than a billion lives worldwide. In India alone there are at least 12 million people who are suffering from this dreadful disease.

Though science has not proven the exact cause of this disease, many experts state that lifestyle and poor diet are the main causes for cancer.

According to Snap Fitness gym trainer, Domnic Delan, "if you follow a healthy diet, accompanied with an hour's workout every day, nothing can beat it."

He also added, "our mind holds a strong force to enable our body to fight back infections, like cancer. So, if we only make up our mind to eat healthy and stay fit, we will live healthy."\

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The four most common cancers which are raging worldwide are lung, breast, bowel (colorectal) and prostate cancer. These cancers have affected a lot of men and women, even crippling them to go ahead with their day to day activities.

In order to keep cancer at bay, it is advised to change our diet and our complete lifestyle which means giving up bad habits, maintaining a good weight and avoiding certain types of foods which might cause cancer.

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Here are some of the best ways to reduce the risk of developing cancer. Take a look:


Give Up On Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is one of the many reasons why people develop lung, throat and oesophagus cancer. The only way to prevent cancer risk is to limit your alcohol consumption.


Forget The Butt

Smokers increase their risk of lung, mouth and throat cancers by 20-40 times compared to non-smokers. Getting rid of that butt will help you to live a life free from diseases.


Exercising Everyday

Being physically active is good for health as it increases the frequency of your bowel movements and enhances your immune system too. These two are essential if you want to reduce the risk of cancer. Another tip that is advised by doctors is to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine to prevent cancer.


Maintain A Good Body Weight

Being overweight puts you at a risk of developing cancers like pancreas, endometrium, lining of the womb, kidney, gallbladder and breast. It is best to maintain a balance weight and a normal BMI in accordance to your height.


Include Vegetables In Your Diet

Adding fruits and vegetables to your daily diet will help to keep cancer at bay. Fruits and vegetables are high in protein and vitamins which enable your body to flush out toxins and simultaneously protect your body from harmful diseases such as cancer.


Say No To Processed Foods

Salami, ham and bacon are all examples of processed foods. Regular consumption of processed meats will make you prone to developing stomach cancer. The best way to avoid the risk of cancer is to give these foods a miss.


Red Meat Is Dangerous

It is believed that colorectal (or bowel) cancer is linked to the excess consumption of red meat. It is safe for one to consume meat which is less in calories and has good fats. Chicken and turkey are lean meats and provides you with various health benefits too.


Avoid Too Much Of Salt

A high intake of salty foods will increase the risk of stomach cancer. Consumption of salt in excess will increase your sodium level, also giving rise to heart diseases and stroke.

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