Unexpected Foods That Raise Blood Sugar

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Low blood sugar is a condition that many of us suffer from. Unlike high blood sugar, the effects of low blood sugar are not fatal but it can make the life of a person difficult. However, it can be treated with certain kinds of foods. We shall discuss certain unexpected foods that raise blood sugar levels.

The signs of hypoglycemia or low levels of blood sugar, are not fatal, but they undoubtedly can bring down your standard of living. The immediate unpleasant responses of low blood sugar are mental distress as the brain is deprived of its energy source, the inability to think rationally, weakness and shakiness.

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An abnormally low blood sugar level develops when the level drops to 60 mg/dl. Probably the most typical, early sign of low blood sugar is hunger. Sadly this symptom is frequently ignored.

unexpected foods that raise blood sugar

In emergency situations, if your blood sugar level is way below normal, chew enough glucose tablets to bring your blood glucose to a normal level or you could go for fruit juice or sugar which will increase your levels of blood sugar.

unexpected foods that raise blood sugar

There are certain unexpected foods that can raise your blood sugar levels. Incorporate these into your daily diet and maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Sweet potatoes have a high glycemic index of 70 as they are full of starch. Hence, it has been found to raise the level of blood sugar. It is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

unexpected foods that raise blood sugar

Raisins have a glycemic index of 64. Hence you can have it to raise your blood sugar level. Also as it is convenient to carry, you can have it anytime, anywhere. Hence keep some in your bag if you are a patient of low blood sugar.

unexpected foods that raise blood sugar

Oatmeal and bran cereals are high in starch and hence are very good in raising the blood sugar level. These are also very healthy. Hence if you suffer from low blood sugar levels, start your day with oatmeal or bran cereals.

Water melon is quick to increase blood sugar level as it has a glycemic index of 72. Hence it is a miracle fruit for low blood sugar patients. Have it as it is or juice it. Either ways it will increase your blood sugar level.

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