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Tips From Ophthalmologists To Prevent Vision Loss

By Staff

Every year a large number of people suffer from vision loss. Hence, it becomes necessary to give it a thought and protect and take care of our eyes in every possible way. While there are some diseases of the eyes that cannot be prevented, there are some simple steps that can be followed in order to protect our eyes from damage.

These steps not only help to keep our eyes healthy, but also reduce the chances of suffering from vision loss in the future. In order to prevent vision loss, ophthalmologists all around the world offer certain common tips that can benefit every common man.

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These are very simple tips that every individual should follow in order to keep their eyes healthy and free from all kinds of diseases. Let us discuss these simple tips.

Ophthalmologists recommend staying away or taking a break from devices like the computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. in order to keep the eyes healthy. These cause eye strain and dryness and can even lead to vision loss.

Smoking and drinking not only affect your general health adversely, but also damage your eyes. It can lead to macular degeneration and also end up damaging the optic nerve.

Watch what you eat. Avoid junk and processed food as these are harmful for the eyes. Instead, have fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. These go a long way in protecting the eyes from vision loss.

Certain diseases like diabetes and hypertension can be hereditary. These, when they go out of control, can cause severe eye damage. If these diseases run in your family, make sure to get your eyes checked in advance.

Symptoms like a sudden loss of vision, double vision, a flash of light, objects floating in front of the eyes, etc. should not be ignored. These can signal the presence of medical conditions like thyroid, cancer, neurological diseases, etc.

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Also, if you use a pair of spectacles and contact lenses, clean them regularly and take good care of them. If you do not take good care of these, it can lead to infections which can even end up impairing your eye sight.

Last, but not the least, go for regular eye check ups. This becomes all the more important once you turn forty. Diseases of the eyes like cataract and macular degeneration start developing at this stage.

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