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3 Simple Techniques To Cure Anxiety

Posted By: Staff

Natural anti-nervousness remedies are on the increase, as nervousness or anxiety victims turn away from drugs and their bad adverse effects.

Did you know that nervousness disorders are believed to be the number one mental wellness problems among women?

Would you believe that anxiety sufferers consult five physicians on an average, before they're correctly diagnosed? Which is the reason why, along with their dislike of drugs with their horrible adverse effects, increasingly more sufferers are searching for anti-anxiety alternative medicines.

techniques to cure anxiety

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So what's nervousness? Generally, an individual with general nervousness is somebody who, on a regular basis, worries and stresses intensely about a wide range of issues and things in a manner that isn't normal, and way above their importance.

Even though we all suffer from stress and anxiety, we eventually get over them and frequently look back and think, what all the fuss was about.

A general nervousness sufferer experiences those same stressful situations, but doesn't come out the other side in the same way. So, therefore, anti-nervousness remedy needs to help the sufferer unwind, reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

Here are three alternative medicines or rather techniques that have been found to be pretty effective. Have a look:

techniques to cure anxiety

Breathing Technique
This tends to be shallow, spasmodic breathing and, sometimes, people can in fact stop breathing for a time, and not be aware of it. This leads to an imbalance in your oxygen and carbon dioxide ratio, which can leave you light-headed, dizzy and tired, leading to more anxiety. You can redress the balance by practicing controlled, rhythmic breathing. Among the best ways is to practice breathing utilising your diaphragm. The majority of us just breath with our upper chest in order that not all our lung capacity is being used.

techniques to cure anxiety

Power Of Exhaling
Sit in a comfortable chair with your back straight and your hands calming on your upper thighs or lap. Then exhale through the mouth slowly for a count of 8 seconds, attempting all of the time to unwind your mind, shoulders and limbs. Try to complete around 10 cycles once or twice in a day to start with. Then, progressively increase to around 30 cycles for several times in a day.

techniques to cure anxiety

Listening To Music
Listening to music has been proven to alleviate stress. Music has been found to reduce heart rate and promote an increase in the temperature of the body. It is an indication of the beginning of the relaxation process. Some research shows that Native American and Celtic music can be very relaxing. There are also Compact Discs out there that replicate soothing sounds, like that of the ocean, with calming music written all over it. However, these may have an opposite effect and only help increase your anxiety.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 18:15 [IST]
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