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This Drink Can Kill Your Smoking Urge

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Let us admit it, quitting smoking is not easy. You must have tried nicotine patches and gums but they too must have failed to help you quit smoking. Now, how about trying a simple remedy using ingredients from your kitchen?

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You will need an orange, a grapefruit, a cup of chamomile tea, 30 grams of olive oil, 30 grams of Jojoba oil, 5 grams of Oregano, 30 grams of olive oil and 30 grams of coconut oil.

Juice up the grapefruit and oranges and mix all other ingredients in it. You can fill the mixture in your water bottle and inhale its smell or rub a drop to your nose whenever you feel like smoking throughout the day.

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This remedy worked for many in minimising the urge to smoke. Now, here are other such remedies.


Tip #1

Eat either a carrot, cucumber or even a raw egg plant before smoking. You won't feel like smoking. Especially, carrot juice could help you reduce smoking.


Tip #2

Another home remedy is to dip your finger in salt and lick it. Some studies say that the taste of salt on your tongue can help minimise your craving.


Tip #3

Drinking a cup of milk when the urge to smoke hits you can help. A cigarette soon after drinking milk might not taste good and this may minimise your urge to smoke.


Tip #4

Drink hot water every time you feel like taking a smoke break. Drinking tea or coffee can increase your smoking urge as they can make the cigarettes taste good.


Tip #5

An age-old method is to chew a gum which is sugar free. This could reduce your oral fixation if that is the problem.


Tip #6

Drink orange juice or lemon juice a couple of times during the day. As smoking deprives you of vitamin C, these juices can keep you healthy and also minimise the desire for a puff.


Tip #7

Ginseng is a herb that can control your cravings. But health experts suggest not to consume this herb for more than 2-3 times per month.

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