7 Things You Can Do Before Noon To Lose Weight

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Our body may react to weight loss efforts differently at different times during a day. A morning workout proves to be more effective than an evening one. Similarly, weight loss tips used before noon can be more effective for you than afternoon.

This is because the rate of metabolism is high during the day, and your hormonal function is at its peak and also calorie burning process may vary during different times of the day.

Afternoon is a time when we feel lazy and crave for unhealthy foods. During morning and before afternoon, our body is active and the metabolic rate is also high. Thus, it is the high yielding time for weight loss.

You will get good results for weight loss before noon and even a simple weight loss effort can pay off well. During evening or afternoon, you have to exert your already tired body more.

Here are the things that you can do before noon to lose weight. Have a look:


Take A Nap

When you sleep a little during the day, this will make you feel less stressed and you will tend to eat less. The stress hormone cortisol will also not be secreted in the body. All this helps you in losing weight.


Go Out In The Sun

Do you know that UV light of the sun has a mood-lifting effect on your mind? You must have noticed that when you come out of the home, the sun that is bright will make you feel happy. A study has shown that a daily exposure to the sunlight increases the metabolism and thus you burn more calories. This helps in weight loss.


Eat A Protein-Rich Breakfast

Having foods rich in proteins will increase your metabolism and muscle mass. This in turn will help in burning of more calories and aid in weight loss. Have eggs, curd, pulses, etc.


Drink A Glass Of Water

Drinking a glass of water or lemon juice early in the morning before breakfast is good, as it will help to cleanse your body by removing the toxins and thus reducing body inflammation. This also prevents bloating and increases metabolism.


10 Minutes Of Physical Activity

Going for a 10-minute walk, jogging or just doing some stretches in the morning is worth 4 hours of exercise which you do in the evening. A morning workout boosts your metabolism, kills unhealthy food cravings and thus aids in a rapid weight loss.


Have Healthy Snacks

Eat dried fruits such as dried figs, apricots, dates and some almonds, walnuts, etc, before your lunch. This will prevent you from eating desserts after the lunch, as dried fruits kill the unhealthy sugar cravings after lunch.


Do Little Things

When it comes to weight loss, even the small things count such as not using the escalator instead climbing the stairs, avoiding adding sugar into your cup of coffee, doing all your household chores by yourself, etc. So, move around than sitting idle on your couch before the noon time.

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