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Know What A 30 Minute, 40 Minute & 60 Minute Walk Is Doing To Your Health

We all know that walking is beneficial in many ways for our overall health; however, do you know the importance of walking based on the hours or minutes that we spend on walking?

Yes, the time during which we walk is also very important and it plays a crucial role for each and every organ in our body. Ranging from a walk of 30 minutes to 4 hours, various body processes will be benefited as per the duration taken.

Walking is considered as a safest form of exercise for all age groups, be it a pregnant lady or an elderly person. People can regularly walk without the risk of getting extremely exerted.

Walking for a mile makes you burn about 100 calories and if you want to lose 1 pound of your body weight then you have to burn almost 3500 calories overall.

Walking on a daily basis will reduce high blood pressure, control the blood sugar level, make your brain stronger, make bones more flexible, reduce that extra weight and much more. Now, depending upon your health needs and requirement, you can walk accordingly.

Have a look at the benefits of walking based on the time or duration of walking.


30 minutes of walk:

A study has shown that a 30-minute walk a day elevates your mood by reducing stress and depression by almost 40 percent. Walking boosts your happy chemicals in the brain by increasing blood flow to the brain. You feel more relaxed and happy after a short span of walk.


40 minutes of walk:

A walk of 40 minutes, 3 times in a week, increases your memory, mental concentration, prevents memory loss by protecting the area of the brain associated with planning and thought process.


75 minutes of walk:

Do you know that 75 minutes of walk, for a week, can increase your life expectancy by almost 2 years? This means that if you walk for 75 minutes daily then 2 healthy years will be added to your lifespan.


30 to 60 minutes of walk:

A walk for half an hour can make your heart healthy by clearing your blood vessels from the bad fats that make them hard and narrow. Fats can restrict the blood flow to the heart. Therefore, walking prevents this, which in turn prevents the risk of a heart attack.


1 hour of walk:

The risk of weight gain can be reduced to half by just walking for an hour. Walking will burn the excess calories and will make you slim. A one-mile walk will burn about 100 calories daily. If you want to burn 1 pound of weight then you have to burn at least 3500 calories.


2 hours of walk:

The risk of stroke reduces by almost 30 percent by just a 2-hour of walk daily for a week. The cholesterol level decreases by walking, which otherwise blocks the blood vessels of the brain and thus causes a stroke.


4 hours of walk:

A walk for 4 hours reduces the risk of hip fractures by almost 50 percent. Walking makes the joints flexible and the bones much more stronger. There will be no leg pain when you age and joints will also be more flexible.


2 miles of walk:

The risk of diabetes can be reduced by 30 percent, if you walk 4000 steps in a day. 1 mile is equal to 2000 steps. Brisk walk increases the secretion of insulin from the pancreas and thus removes the excess sugar from the blood.

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