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Things That Hurt Worse Than Child Birth

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Women who go through childbirth say that it is the most painful experience that they have been through. Being in labour and the whole delivery process can be very painful. However, there are certain women who have been through harrowing painful experiences and they say that it is worse than childbirth. Let us discuss these.

When asked about what is more painful than child birth, some women responded that it is broken bones that cause more pain than child birth, particularly a broken ankle. It is not only very painful, it also impairs one's ability to move around.

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worst pain women undergo

Some women said that migraine headaches are worse than child birth. A migraine headache can last for a long period of time, even days. It can be accompanied by symptoms like vomiting, light sensitivity and nausea. With the head aching so much, it becomes difficult to go about with day to day activities.

worst pain women undergo

Some ladies say that kidney stones can be more painful than child birth. Kidney stones have to be passed. This process can be very painful. Some women say that men who suffer from kidney stones will be able to understand the amount of pain that women go through during child birth. It is as close to giving birth.

worst pain women undergo

Gallstones can also cause a lot of pain. During attacks, the pain becomes unbearable. Although pain medications and avoiding certain foods can help, the pain can last for a long time and sometimes become unbearable.

worst pain women undergo

Urinary tract infections and gall bladder infections have been described by women as being ten times worse than child birth. The pain is too much to bear and the infections need to be treated immediately to get some relief.

worst pain women undergo

Some women mentioned induced labour to be more painful as the aim is to get contractions every three minutes and continue with it till the baby comes out. Some women have also mentioned root canal therapy and any kind of surgery to be more painful than childbirth.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 6, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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