These Natural Painkillers Are A Must-Have For Every Home!

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All of us at some point of time might have suffered from some kind of pain and at times these might have been excruciating. So what would you have done in such a situation? Unable to bear the pain most of us would have just popped in a painkiller tablet or taken injections.

Several studies and researches have concluded that regular use of such painkillers leads to several side-effects. Hence, in order to overcome this, taking up natural remedies that are quickly available at one's home would be the best option to overcome the pain.

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Pain can be of various kinds. Headache, joint pain, muscle pain, neck pain, tooth pain, pain arising due to bruises or pain after a surgery are some of the types of pain that people undergo.

Painkiller tablets and injections that are available over the counter might help in providing immediate relief from the pain. But regular use of painkillers and making it a habit to consume it everytime you have a certain pain might also lead to certain side effects.

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Hence, it is always better to make use of natural painkillers as they do not have any side -effects.
Here is a list of few natural painkillers. Take a look.


1. Lavender Oil :

Headache is one of the most common types of pain which almost everyone gets. Applying a few drops of lavender oil and gently massaging it over the forehead helps to get rid of the pain.


2. Epsom Salt:

If you have been suffering from bone and joint pain, then epsom salt is one great natural painkiller. Take a few tablespoons of epsom salt and add it to the bathing water. Taking bath with this epsom salt mixed water helps ease bone and joint pains.


3. Cayenne Pepper:

Though a hot food which many of us ignore but cayenne pepper is actualy one good natural painkiller. It helps those suffering from post-operative pain.


4. Arnica Oil:

If you have pain that arises due to insect bites, bruises or also arthritis, applying arnica oil helps ease the pain.


5. Turmeric:

Since ancient times turmeric is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps ease pain related to stomach ulcer, indigestion and certain forms of cancer.


6. Cloves:

If you are having a toothache, applying clove or clove oil on the tooth that is paining helps in easing the pain quickly.


7. Hot Compress:

If you are suffering from severe neck pain, then applying hot compress helps. Just use a hot water bag or a clean towel dipped in hot water and place it over the affected area; it helps ease the pain.


8. Cold Compress:

If you are suffering from muscle pain or also if you are having a bad headache then cold compress helps to ease the pain. Take a few ice cubes, wrap them in a towel and just place it over the affected area.

One should also make sure that if the pain persists for a longer period of time then it is important to seek the advice of a doctor before the pain aggravates further and leads to some other severe problem.

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