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10 Scents You Need To Sniff To Benefit Good Health

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If you are under high levels of stress, and if that hot cup of green tea isn't doing you any good, well we have a few things you should, without a doubt, consider.

It is said that there are a couple of aromatic scents, which when inhaled aid in making you feel better instantly.

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To most people, a smell is just a fragrance, but it is this smell that aids in benefiting your health in a million ways.

According to experts, it is said that our olfactory response is directly linked to the emotional centre of the brain. This causes a flood of warm and fuzzy feelings with a sniff of these foods.

It is always known that strong and healing aromas do good for the memory and concentration. Today, studies also reveal that most of these amazing smells also benefit in getting rid of that nasty and painful migraine.

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Some of these aromas are known to even boost your energy, thus helping you in getting rid of your sleepiness and that feeling of fatigue.

To live a healthier lifestyle with a whiff, here are some of the smells you need to take a sniff of every single day. They will work wonders on your healthy, take a look:



Lavender has a soothing smell that helps to treat those who can't seem to close their eyes at night. Yes, this wonderful aroma treats insomnia.



Cinnamon is so powerful that it can boost your memory in a second. The smell can also sharpen your mind. Therefore, it is the best aroma to sniff before an examination.



The smell of pine can reduce your anxiety level to zero. Yes, it is one of the best smells you can sniff if you are suffering from a high amount of stress.


Citrus Fruits:

Sleepy and tired? Well, the best way to boost some energy into your being is by sniffing on a bowl of citrus fruits. The acids present in citrus fruits will automatically boost your energy levels.



A vanilla bean is so powerful that it can make an irritated person smile without a reason. Yes, smelling a vanilla bean can elevate one's mood.



Pumpkin is a healthy vegetable, but its smell can be alluring for men. Pumpkin can serve as an aphrodisiac for men who are trying their level best to do good in bed.



The powerful aroma of peppermint can help boost stamina, memory, concentration and motivation. Mint is also helpful in getting rid of sleep disorders.



Jasmine can create a sense of alertness. It contains a powerful smell that according to experts helps in easing out your high levels of depression too.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Experts state that the sweet aroma from an apple can now cure migraine headaches. And, on the other hand, the smell of green apple too can control feelings of anxiety and depression.


Olive Oil:

We all know that olive oil is good for the heart and brain. But, did you know that olive oil helps in satisfying your appetite and in curbing those hunger pangs? Well, this is why experts state that you should add olive oil to your diet, as it helps in weight loss.

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