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10 Herbs To Improve Breast Health

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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A woman’s beauty depends on her beautiful form. Her breasts are the assets that give her an adorable look.

Today, women go for laser treatment, breast implantation, silicon implantation and lots of other ways to enlarge their breasts.

From ancient times, women used several massage oils and concoctions and solutions to beautify their breasts. These oils and mixtures were made of several natural herbs to improve breast health.

Even today, those herbs have the popularity for their effective purposes. While talking about the top 10 herbs to improve breast health, you can’t ignore herbs like fenugreek, fennel seeds, etc.

The surgical process or any massage oil available in the market can cause several side effects. Moreover, the risk of breast cancer is increasing among women to a great extent today.

Trying natural herbs to improve breast health along with breast enlargement is a better option. These herbs contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent any infection.

These also have properties that prevent the increase of the free radicals and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

So, if you want large, supple, healthy and beautiful breasts to enhance your beauty, these are the top 10 herbs to improve breast health. Anything natural always serves you well without fail. Read on to know more.



This herb is mentioned in the old Ayurvedic manuscripts. Did you know that fenugreek is effective in increasing breast size and minimizing the symptoms of menopause? Also, it increases the milk production in lactating mothers.


2.Fennel seed:

Due to the rich content of phytonutrients, fennel is another helpful herb in treating amenorrhoea and increasing the breast size. It also promotes milk in nursing mothers if they massage their breasts with some fennel paste.


3.Wild Yam:

You can take it as a capsule or with tea. Also, the powder of wild yam can be used as a breast massage cream. This also has phytonutrients that take care of your breasts' health by reducing pre- and post-menopausal syndromes.


4.Saw Palmetto:

Though this is popular in treating male impotency, it is also one of the natural herbs to improve breast health by increasing the bust size and sexual desire in women. It is another source of phytonutrients.


5.Dandelion Root:

While thinking about top 10 herbs to improve breast health, how can you ignore this herb? According to medical studies, dandelion root improves your breast health by developing new breast cells and tissues.


6.Pueraria Mirifica:

An international scientific study has proved that this herb can increase breast size up to 80%. Due to presence of phytoestrogens like miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, etc, this herb efficiently regulates the balance of those hormones in a woman's body that leads to healthy development of the body as well as breasts.


7.Red Clover:

Another herb with phytoestrogens among top 10 herbs to improve breast health is this very essential herb. To get firm breasts, make a solution with dried red clover and hot water. Steep it for half an hour and drink it thrice in a day.


8.Hops Flower:

This flower is the powerhouse of flavonoids. It reduces the presence of free radicals and decreases the chance of breast cancer in the body. Besides, it helps in the proper growth of mammary glands and hormone production.


9.Watercress Leaf:

For healthy breast development, the most important nutrients are vitamin E, lucein and folic acid. All these are available in this heart-shaped little green leaves. This herb is also very effective for fertility.


10.Oat Grass:

Are you looking for top 10 herbs to improve breast health? Then this is the thing you were searching for. With saponins, minerals, alkaloids and flavonoids, this herb is responsible for balancing the hormones in your body, giving you healthy and firm breasts.

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