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7 Surprising Signs Of Stress That You Must Never Ignore

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Do you feel like your health has deteriorated, lately? Do you think you are stressed out and the side-effects of stress are making you feel sick?

If yes, then you may be right, because stress not only affects your mental health, but also your physical health, causing various undesirable psychosomatic symptoms.

Stress is a condition in which a person's mental peace is disturbed in reaction to certain feeling or events. Stress is one of the most common ailments that people suffer from, especially in today's fast paced world.

There are various side-effects associated with stress that many of us may already be aware of, such as, headache, fatigue, depression, etc. however, there are a few other silent signs of stress that we could be affected with, without our knowledge.

There can be various causes for stress, such as work pressure, low self-esteem, break-ups, financial trouble, sickness - you name it!

The side-effects of stress can sometimes be so pronounced that they can take over the affected person's life and hamper his/her daily activities.

So, here are a few surprising side-effects or signs of stress that one should never ignore, have a look.


1. Rashes

Unusual side-effects of stress can include a person experiencing rashes and hives on the skin, as stress can cause inflammation of the blood cells.


2. Weight Gain

Even if you have been eating healthy and you still experience weight gain, you could be under extreme stress, as stress produces a hormone called cortisiol in the body that can induce weight gain.


3. Digestive Problems

Side-effects of stress can include a number of digestive problems like acidity, heart-burn, stomach pain, etc, as certain stress hormones in the body can weaken digestion.


4. Mouth Ulcers

Various causes for stress, such as work pressure, etc, can produce a lot of heat in the body that can lead to the development of painful ulcers in the mouth!


5. Common Cold

Yes, common cold can also be a side-effect of stress, as stress reduces your immunity, so your body becomes vulnerable to microbial infections.


6. Acne

Side-effects of stress can also include acne, as stress can cause various hormonal imbalances in the body, so if you want a clear skin, stay stress-free!


7. Hair Fall

Hair fall can be yet another silent sign of stress, as stress hormones can weaken the roots of your hair to a great extent.

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