Are Your Feet Swollen? Here Are A Few Surprising Reasons Why

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Have you been noticing lately that your feet are swollen? Is it painful? If yes, then there could be certain surprising reasons for your swollen feet, which you must make yourself aware of.

The human body has a way of giving us warning signs of certain impending diseases, in the form of symptoms.

So, we must be alert enough to recognise these symptoms and take the necessary measure, in an effort to prevent certain major health complications!

Many a times, we may not be able to understand these symptoms fully and so, we may end up ignoring them, making way for a number of diseases.

Swelling is a phenomenon in which a particular body part, be it an organ, skin, etc., enlarges as a result of inflammation in most cases. The inflammation is coupled with the accumulation of fluid inside.

The swelling of any part of the body can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort, and it is even worse when it comes to the feet, as movement gets hampered!

So, have a look at some of the reasons for swollen feet, here!

1. Excessive Movement

reasons for swollen feet

One of the reasons for swollen feet can be because you have been walking around too much, applying a lot of pressure on your feet, leading to inflammation and swelling.

2. Wrong Shoes

reasons for swollen feet

Many people do not realise this, but wearing the wrong shoes, or a pair of shoes that are too tight or uncomfortable, can also lead to the feet swelling up with pain!

3. Weight Gain

reasons for swollen feet

When a person gains weight, his/her feet are put under a lot of pressure, as the feet bear the entire weight of the body, while moving around, and this may cause swelling in the feet.

4. Pregnancy

reasons for swollen feet

One of the main symptoms of pregnancy is swollen feet! Swollen feet occur during pregnancy due to weight gain and also because of certain hormonal changes in the body.

5. Circulation Disorder

reasons for swollen feet

Yet another cause for swollen feet can be due to circulation disorders such as varicose veins, which can cause blood clotting in the leg and feet regions, thereby leading to swelling.

6. Diabetes

reasons for swollen feet

People suffering from the metabolic disorder, diabetes, can also suffer from swollen feet due to a poor blood circulation and fluid retention in the feet.

7. Infection

reasons for swollen feet

Another reason for swollen feet is infection. If you are suffering from fungal or bacterial infection of the toes or feet, you may experience feet swelling.

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Story first published: Friday, November 11, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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