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Surprising Reasons Why It Hurts Down There While Making Love!

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You are having a fun night with your partner, the mood is set with some soft music, dim lights and a whole lot of foreplay.

However, when you finally get down to the act of making love, you experience a lot of pain in your vagina or penis!

Well, that can be the biggest let down ever, not to mention the anxiety you feel thinking about the possible health complications!

Sex is supposed to be pleasurable and is even known to reduce pain in certain parts of the body, as it stimulates the production of endorphins (feel good hormones) in the brain.

So, when sexual intercourse with your partner becomes painful, it can be both worrisome and frustrating at the same time.

Even when your partner is not very rough during sex, and is quite gentle with you, if you still experience pain and discomfort in your private parts, then it is time for you to find out what the actual reasons might be.

Here is a list of surprising reasons that could be causing you the horrible pain in your private parts during sex, have a look.


1. Lack Of Foreplay

One of the main reasons women experience pain in the vagina is because they are not lubricated enough, down there, due to the lack of arousal. So, the men must ensure that they keep the foreplay as exciting as possible for the women to be well lubricated!


2. Vaginal Dryness

Many a times, due to dehydration or infections, a woman could be suffering from vaginal dryness. This condition can also lead to an extreme amount of pain during an intercourse.


3. Not Using Enough Lube

It is a good idea to use lubricating lotions or gels before penetration, as it will make things smoother and less painful down there. Lack of lube can also lead to pain, especially during certain sexual positions that cause a lot of friction.


4. STDs

If you or your partner is suffering from sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea, hepatitis, genital warts, etc., it can surely be painful for the both of you during sex!


5. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a serious condition that affects women, in which the tissue lining the uterus grows outside the organ. This condition can also cause a lot of pain for women during sex.


6. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Research studies have linked painful sex to IBS, which is a digestive disorder in which a person experiences stomach cramps, constipation and loose motions.


7. Stress

It is very important to be relaxed when you are stressed about something, and if you are going to stress, then your muscles will tighten, making sex even more painful!

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Story first published: Thursday, August 11, 2016, 11:20 [IST]
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