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Drink Beer And Stay Healthy!

By: Ajanta Sen

If you are thinking that drinking liquor is harmful for health, then you may be correct to some extent.

However, the latest study reports are also throwing some questions against this thought. The recent reports say that consumption of liquor can save a person from certain diseases that humans otherwise suffer from very frequently.

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Liquors are available in a large variety, and people say that most of these variants have their own taste and pleasure.

If you talk about beer, then you may find a large number of people who find it as a refreshing way to end a day’s hard work.

The recent researches conducted by noted institutions worldwide have confirmed certain surprising health benefits of drinking beer.

You may not want to agree with these reports, but the scientists agree to the fact that this drink has amazing qualities that make it safe against many health disorders.

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However, this is not your fault, as many new things are being revealed by the constant scientific researches.

To know and understand the surprising health benefits of drinking beer, you just need to know how your health gets benefited by drinking it.

Following are some of the top surprising health benefits of drinking beer that you must know about, take a look:


Beer Reduces Heart Diseases:

This is not a mere claim. It is fact that beer reduces the risk of heart diseases to a considerable limit by nearly 20% to 40%. Isn't it an amazing benefit? A research study stated that regular consumption of this drink reduces the cardiovascular risks as well.


It Reduces Chances Of Kidney Stones:

Due to a high water content, beer keeps the function of the kidneys going perfect. Due to this, the beer lovers can reduce the risk of kidney stones by about 40%.


Betters The Health Of The Brain:

The researchers of a certain study have revealed that beer betters the health of the brain, and it certainly helps a person to get a better memory retention capacity. Medical science is even in favour of prescribing a minimum dose of beer to the patients of Alzheimer's and dementia.


Beer Prevents Brain Strokes:

Non-drinkers face 50% more chances of suffering from brain strokes. This has been found by the American Stroke Association. It is one of the most surprising health benefits of drinking beer.


Builds The Bones Stronger:

Beer has a rich content of silicon in it that improves the strength of the bones. However, the scientists recommend a small quantity for medicinal purpose, as far as bone density is concerned.


Beer Checks Prostate Cancer:

When you consider how your health is benefited by drinking beer, then you must consider the fact that beer has xanthohumol that is very effective in preventing prostate cancer.


Reduces Chances Of Diabetes:

In one of the study reports, it was claimed that beer reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes by more than 25%. It is a remarkable impact that has increased the consumption of beer among the people suffering from this disease. However, the quantity should be suggested by the doctors.


Avoids Dryness Of Skin:

Beer contains yeast and vitamins in a large quantity, and that is why, it leaves a good result on the human skin. It hydrates the skin and prevents unnecessary dryness. It is extremely good for those who suffer from dryness of the skin.


Beer Is A Good Hair Conditioner:

The recent beer shampoo is the best example of this property of beer. It works as a good hair conditioner and keeps the hair healthy, moistured and silky.


Beer Is A Good Multivitamin:

Beer has a good quantity of vitamin B3, flavonoids, pantothenic acid, choline and vitamin B6. The doctors are in favour of prescribing beer for the adult patients who suffer from deficiency diseases caused by vitamins.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 1, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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