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This Remedy Kills Sinus Infection Instantly!

Sinus issues affect people with asthma and also when the immune system goes weak. Also, other types of nasal blockages and respiratory allergies could increase the risk of sinus issues.

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What exactly is sinusitis? Well, it is nothing but inflammation that troubles the sinuses. The area around your nose contains tiny cavities that contain air.

Sometimes, when fluid builds up and turns the area into a breeding ground for virus, fungi and bacteria, it could cause infection.

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Here are some facts about sinusitis and a natural remedy to try. But consult your doctor first before trying it out.


Acute Sinusitis

If it is acute sinusitis, it could last around 20-30 days. Runny nose and pain are common symptoms. If it is sub-acute, it could last around 45-60 days.

Chronic Sinusitis

If it is chronic sinusitis, it could trouble you for more than a month. Recurrent sinusitis could keep troubling the person several times a year.

What You'll Need

A tablespoon of honey, a lemon, a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, half a cup of coconut water and 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.

Step #1

Heat the coconut water until it is a bit warm. Mix vinegar in it and stir till it gets mixed well.

Step #2

After the mixture cools down, add the honey and the cayenne pepper. After a few minutes, add the lemon juice to the mixture.

When To Consume

This mixture has to be consumed first thing in the morning. Also, drink it before going to bed in the night. Repeat it for 5 days. This may give you relief from the sinus issue.

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