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Beware! These Are The Signs Which Show That Your Lungs Are Getting Weak

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Like any other organ, having healthy lungs is very important. It is this organ which is responsible for supplying oxygen to the blood cells and it aids in breathing.

Hence, one should ensure that the lungs are in good condition. So how do we know whether our lungs are in good health or not? In this article we will explain a few of the major signs and symptoms which show that the lungs are getting weak.

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Initially it might look like a simple and minor health problem, but if left untreated it might lead to other serious health problems like lung cancer and turn fatal as well.

There are several causes that might lead to the weakening of lungs. Smoking, respiratory diseases like asthma and other viral infections are a few among the major causes.

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Identifying the signs and symptoms at the correct time and getting the necessary medical intervention is very important so that the condition does not worsen further.

Here is a list of a few signs that show that the lungs are getting weak. Take a look.


1. Fatigue:

Frequent feelings of fatigue that have become a hindrance to carrying out your daily work is one major sign that the lungs are becoming weak.


2. Breathlessness:

When you find difficulty in breathing just after climbing a few steps, it can be a sign that your lungs are affected.


3. Wheezing:

When your lungs are affected, the airways too will not be able to function properly which is why you get this wheezing sound every now and then.


4. Weight Loss:

If you are losing weight without any reason, then you need to get it checked immediately. This can be a sign of advanced lung disease.


5. Excess Mucus:

When the mucus produced is too high compared to the normal days then it could be a sign of weak lungs.


6. Chest Pain:

Chest pain even with the slightest of cough is yet another symptom that can be seen among those whose lungs are not functioning normally.


7. Constant Cough:

When the cough prolongs for a longer period of time then it might be a sign that the lungs are getting affected. It needs to be checked immediately.


8. Blood In Sputum:

When you see blood in your sputum then you should not ignore. This is one of the major symptoms that the lungs are getting weak.

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Story first published: Friday, November 18, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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