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If You Are Experiencing These Symptoms, You Are Eating Too Much Salt!

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Have you ever wanted to add a pinch of extra salt to your dishes because you feel that it helps make the dish tastier?

Are you someone whose taste buds like foods to be saltier than average? If yes, then surely you must be thinking that a bit of extra salt can not do much harm to your health.

Most of us may already be aware of the fact that consuming a lot of spicy foods or oily foods can be hazardous to our health.

Even eating too many sweets and sugary items can put us at the risk of certain metabolic disorders like diabetes and obesity!

However, many of us believe that eating a bit of extra salt may not be all that dangerous.

Did you know that eating too much of salty foods can lead to disorders like high blood pressure?

Not just that, recent research studies have shown that consuming excess salt can also lead to the deterioration of cognitive functions!

So, here are a few signs you may be experiencing, which indicate that you need to cut back on your salt intake!


1. Constant Thirst

When you consume excess salt, the fluid level in your body gets disturbed, making you crave for more water!


2. Body Swelling

Consumption of too much salt can lead to a condition called oedema, wherein the body retains fluids due to the high sodium levels, resulting in swelling and bloating.


3. Reduced Kidney Function

If you feel constant pain in your kidneys or have trouble urinating, it is time to cut back on your salt intake, as salt can put your kidneys in danger and also lead to the formation of kidney stones.


4. Stomach Ulcers

Too much salt can damage the lining of your stomach, leading to stomach ulcers and eventually colon cancer!


5. High Blood Pressure

Excess salt can lead to the increase in heart rate, thereby increasing blood pressure level, leading to a serious condition known as hypertension.


6. Reduced Cognitive Function

Recent research studies have found that intake of excess amount of salt can affect the neurons in your brain negatively and lead to an impaired cognitive function.


7. Indigestion

If you are experiencing frequent indigestion, you need to cut down on salt, as excess salt can kill the healthy bacteria in your stomach lining and cause acidity!

Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 11:21 [IST]
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