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7 Useful Health Hacks To Control Diabetes

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A popular quote goes like this, "Managing your diabetes is not a science, it is an art".

Yes, that quote is very true because, as we all know, diabetes has no cure and only its symptoms can be controlled. So, learning how to manage the symptoms and lead a quality life is truly an art.

Living with a serious disorder like diabetes is definitely not easy, as it comes with various challenges and health complications that a person has to deal with on a daily basis.

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As most of us are aware, diabetes is a condition in which the body's production of insulin is abnormal and it is not utilised well by the body, leading to a cluster of undesirable symptoms.

The symptoms include high blood sugar levels, weight loss, increased urine production, weakened immune system, blurred vision, constant hunger, numbness of the feet, etc.

Sometimes, if the symptoms of diabetes are left untreated, it may lead to fatal conditions like heart failure.

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So, it is crucial for people with diabetes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow all the advices as suggested by their physicians.

Here are a few useful hacks on how to make your life easier, if you have diabetes. Have a look.


Hack #1

Diet is the most important thing for diabetic patients, if they want to control the disorder. Eating clean, avoiding saturated fats and sugars, making whole grain breads, veggies, fruits a part of their diets can definitely help!


Hack #2

Staying away completely from alcohol, or limiting its intake to just a few times a month can help because alcohol is high in calories that may lead to further health complications.


Hack #3

Try to eat limited amounts of healthy food, in small portions, at regular intervals. Doing this will regulate your appetite and keep you feeling fuller for a longer time, thereby keeping your blood sugar levels at an optimum level.


Hack #4

Ensure that you check your blood pressure and blood sugar levels often, either at home or by visiting a professional.


Hack #5

Keep a track on how much carbohydrates and sugar you consume in a day and make a note if you have to. Consuming too much of carbs and sugar can increase your blood sugar levels.


Hack #6

Indulge in a regular, mild exercise, as daily exercise regimen can help improve your blood circulation and lower blood pressure and triglyceride levels.


Hack #7

If you are stressed out, make sure that you take steps to relieve stress and anxiety. Mental stress during diabetes can be natural, but it can also make your life harder. Yoga, meditation, counselling, etc, can help a lot in dealing with stress.

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