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7 Things That Happen When You Eat White Bread Daily

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White bread is a favourite food for many during breakfast. However, do you know how this time-saver food can mess up your health for good. It is true that grabbing a packet of white bread, toasting and applying butter on it can be the easiest possible breakfast hack, but it can really make you sick if consumed regularly.

There are many hidden effects of eating white bread on your health, which you may not be aware of. White bread may be tasty to eat, especially if some sugar is added to it and toasted. White bread is made from refined flour, which means that all the benefits, including fibres, have been removed from the flour during the process of refining.

White refined flour is also called maida, and it has many harmful effects on the health. White bread is 100 percent made from maida and must be avoided at all costs as a everyday food.

Our body needs fibres that can only be supplied to it by whole grains and not the refined ones, such as a white bread. If you have no time in preparing your breakfast early, you could opt for whole wheat bread instead, which is the best option.


You Will Gain Weight

If you eat white bread daily in the morning, as your breakfast, then surely this is one of the reasons for your belly fat and weight gain. White bread makes you fat, as it increases your hunger during the day.


You Feel Lazy

Are you feeling sleepy and tired during the day that too after having a complete sleep at night? If yes, your favourite white bread can be the reason behind this. Eating white bread daily at breakfast can make you lazy. This happens because it causes an abrupt decease in the blood sugar level after a rise.


Risk Of Diabetes

White bread also increases the risk of diabetes. This is because white bread causes an increase in your blood sugar level. This poses a diabetes threat for people, especially those who have a family history and are obese.


You Always End Up Eating

If you eat white bread daily then you will always find yourself eating during the day. You will get cravings for high sugary foods, oily foods, etc. This is because white bread can't give you the feeling of fullness, and since you feel lazy, the food cravings increase more.


You Will Get Annoyed

Yes, white bread can make you moody and somehow short-tempered. This is because the happy chemical from your brain called serotonin gets affected by the daily consumption of bread. The stress hormone, cortisol, is also produced in your body if you eat white bread daily.


You Will Feel Constipated

White bread does not contain fibres, since it is made from refined white flour. The lack of fibres in the body can cause constipation. Since fibres retain water in the intestines, the pressure for bowels can get increased.


You Will Be Having High Cholesterol

White bread does not fall in the category of whole grains, as it made from refined flour. Therefore, it is fibre-less and fibres also play an important role in decreasing the level of bad fats from the body. If you eat bread, you will end up having high blood pressure and other heart-related issues.

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