These Are The Reasons Why Your Vagina Is Becoming Dry

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For those women who are nearing their menopause or have passed through the stage, having a dry vagina could be normal. This is because women stop producing oestrogen during this time. But if this condition is found among women who are still way below their 50s and above 18 years then it can be a cause of concern.

Vaginal moisture produced at the cervix keeps the vagina moist. This is extremely important as it helps in removing the dead cells and keeps the vagina healthy. This in turn helps in preventing infections like the vaginal thrush.

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Majority of women experience a slight vaginal discharge; well they should not fear this as this is normal. But when the discharge becomes too much and there is a fowl smell then it should be checked immediately.

Those suffering from vaginal dryness experience extreme pain, irritation and burning sensation during intercourse or while urinating, exercising and also in normal circumstances when they are sitting or standing. This further affects the woman's normal activities.

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Despite suffering, women still feel embarrassed to discuss it openly even with their closed ones. However, once diagnosed, it is important to get the necessary medical intervention at the earliest, else it could lead to infertility.

A few of the reasons that cause vaginal dryness are explained here. Take a look.


1. Hormonal Changes:

This is one of the most common causes. As a woman undergoes hormonal changes, especially during their menopause of pre-menopause or after childbirth, it leads to a decrease in their oestrogen level which in turn leads to vaginal dryness.


2. Chemotherapy:

When a woman undergoes chemotherapy, it damages the ovaries and this hampers the production of oestrogen. As a result, the vaginal lubrication gets decreased and causes dryness.


3. Sprays & Soaps:

Also the usage of certain harsh soaps and feminine sprays leads to vaginal dryness. The chemicals used in the swimming pool are yet another cause for vaginal dryness.


4. Medicines:

The usage of various drugs like those used to treat cold and antidepressants leads to the drying up of vaginal tissues. This in turn causes vaginal dryness.


5. Extreme stress:

Stress is yet another major cause for vaginal dryness. Stress leads to decreased libido and affects the production of oestrogen.


6. Excessive Exercise:

Regular exercise on a limited level is very helpful but intense and rigorous exercises decrease oestrogen production. This in turn causes vaginal dryness.


7. Smoking & Alcohol:

Smoking and alcohol are yet other major causes for vaginal dryness. The two things affect the oestrogen level which causes vaginal dryness.


8. Douching:

Douching is yet another of the major causes for vaginal dryness. This has been revealed by several studies.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 10:28 [IST]
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